5 Marvel Characters One Piece’s Mackenyu Can Absolutely Nail

Mackenyu who played the role of Zoro would be a perfect choice for the role of these 5 Marvel Characters.

5 Marvel Characters One Piece’s Mackenyu Can Absolutely Nail


  • Mackenyu has been the fan favorite since the release of the One Piece Live-Action series.
  • If given a chance in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, he would perfectly nail these 5 characters.
  • Mackenyu's fighting skills and acting would be a great fit for these characters.
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One Piece Live-Action has lived up to the expectations of fans thanks to the brilliant work of the creators and the impressive cast that portrayed the characters from the series. One of the series’s most loving and charming actors was Mackenyu, who played the role of Roronoa Zoro. Mackenyu’s portrayal was not only loved by fans, but it also helped the actor amass a large fanbase.

Mackenyu in One Piece as Zoro
Mackenyu in One Piece as Zoro

His intensity and wittiness while playing the character of Zoro has opened many opportunities for the actor. It won’t be long before we see Mackenyu as a part of some big franchise like Marvel. Here are 5 Marvel Characters that Mackenyu would nail if given the chance.

1. Shang Chi

Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings
Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings

Shang Chi is one of the recent characters introduced in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Shang was raised by his father to be a lethal killer. Shang-Chi, on the other hand, grew aware of his father’s malevolent character and defected after his first assignment. Shang-Chi gains a range of abilities from the Ten Rings, including superhuman strength, durability, stamina, and the ability to control the Rings at whim. Shang Chi is one of the greatest martial artists on the planet, probably having been taught since birth to be the ultimate fighter. And just like Shang Chi, Mackenyu is a great Martial artist. He has been practicing Kyokushin Karate since he was eight years old, and in middle school, he finished third at the US Kyokushin Karate Nationals. He would nail the character if he ever gets a chance.


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2. Iron Man

Iron Man - Avengers
Iron Man

Iron Man is one of the most loved characters in the series and also one of the main characters. Tony Stark, the genius billionaire scientist, businessman, and CEO of Stark Industries, created an armored suit to escape captivity that also served as a device to keep his heart beating and keep him alive. When he returned to the United States, Stark remade himself as the armor-clad superhero Iron Man. Aside from his suit and his money, Stark was known for his wittiness and his quick thinking. He was also a great fighter who could assess any situation presented before him. These are some of the traits we saw in Mackenyu when he played the role of Zoro. Though it would be a controversial stand, Mackenyu would be a great fit for an alternate role of Iron Man.

3. Hawkeye

Hawkeye - Avengers

Hawkeye is another important character in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Clint Barton is a former circus worker and criminal-turned-hero who learned archery as a child by practicing alongside Swordsman and Trickshot. As seen in Infinity War Hawkeye was not only the best archer, he was also one of the best swordsmen in the history of Marvel. This would fit right in the alley of Mackenyu as we have already seen him handling not one but three swords. Mackenyu would be a great choice for the character of Hawkeye as he is fearless and strong just like Mackenyu and could handle himself well in a battle.


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4. Captain America

Captain America
Captain America

Captain America is probably the most important character in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. A covert US military experiment transformed Steve Rogers into Captain America, America’s first Super-Soldier. Captain America would subsequently go on to become one of the Avengers’ most essential members, as well as the team’s leader. Rogers is a master of hand-to-hand combat, having honed his skills in a variety of martial arts through military training and private instruction. This role would be the perfect choice for Mackenyu as he is also a master in hand-to-hand combat and his seriousness would be the best choice for Steven Rogers’s character.

5. Spider-Man

Marvel's Spider-Man Released to Universal Acclaim from Critics and Fans Alike
Marvel’s Spider-Man

Another role that would be a great choice for Mackenyu would be Spiderman. Peter Parker was bitten by an errant radioactive spider during a scientific fair, giving him a variety of arachnid abilities and making him the Ultimate Spider-Man. Parker is an exceptional athlete, excelling in all gymnastic categories and capable of performing every acrobatic trick ever attempted. And just like Parker, Mackenyu is also a great gymnast. He practiced gymnastics in High school and has the body for it. Also, his physical attributes match exactly with Peter Parker’s.


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