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5 Marvel Movie Posters Reimagined In Comic Style.

Now a day’s advertisement’s play a very crucial role in a movie’s success. The use of posters has increased over the years, as it helps the movie makers to increase their movie’s publicity, which help them in promoting their films and also helps fans to get a brief info about the cast and producers of the movie. And by the time it reaches the theatres, movie studios are in a hope that fans are wobbling on the edge of madness to see the movie. Most of us take movie posters just as promotional material, but that’s not it, the posters are an important feature of a particular movie as it’s the main design element that captures a persons’ interest to watch a movie. The Challenge the graphic designers, face is to have the right balance that can convey the movie’s them to the audience, but if anyhow the message isn’t clear on the poster it would definitely confuse the viewer. Let’s take Star Wars: The Force Awaken for example, one can see battle ships, lightsabres, Stormtroopers that’s just every main detail one would need to watch a movie. And today at Fandom Wire we have collected some amazing Movie Posters that were reimagined in comic style. Sounds interesting let’s grab into it!

#1 Guardians Of The Galaxy:

#2 Captain America: Civil War:

#3 Spider-Man 2:

#4 X-Men: Days of Future Past:

#5 Spider-Man 3:


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Written by FandomWire Staff

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