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5 Marvel Villains Venom Could Defeat (And 5 Who Would Annihilate Him)

Venom is a very popular anti-hero in Marvel Comic Book Lore. He has had a colorful history in the Marvel Comic Book Universe. One of the greatest fighters Marvel has to offer, it would be intriguing to see him fight some of the classic MCU bad guys. Let us see how good he fares against the Big Bad Wolves of Marvel.

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Will Lose Against – Thanos

venom thanos

The Mad Titan has the ability to fight the entire roster of the Avengers to a standstill. He brought down the Hulk with his bare hands. The Jade Giant was so scared Bruce could not even Hulk Out. Thanos has tons of combat experience. He is also a genius. Not even Iron Man, Thor, and a Mjolnir enhanced Captain America could take the purple freak down. Venom is but one guy. He will gain some brownie points at first. But as the fight would drag on, Thanos will find a way to get the drop on him and the brawl will be over before we know it. There is no way Thanos could lose this battle.

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Will Win Against – Winter Soldier

venom winter soldier

Venom has several super human attributes. Winter Soldier is a human being at peak human physical condition. The only advantage Hydra’s Super Soldier has is the bionic arm. Even if you replace that with a Vibranium one, the battle is still heavily tilted in favor of Venom. Venom can take multiple hits from the Winter Soldier. The latter’s proficiency in fire arms is also negated because of Venom’s superhuman durability and reflexes. Venom also has a healing factor that is a dozen times faster than a normal human being’s. Bucky will be a sitting duck in front of Venom.

Will Lose Against– Dormammu

venom dormammu


Dormammu is a Godlike Entity who also happens to be the master and ruler of the mysterious Dark Dimension. He is composed entirely of magic. There could literally be a million ways Dormammu could dispatch Venom. The Dark Lord is also known to fight mortals at times, specifically Doctor Strange – the Sorcerer Supreme of Earth. Doctor Strange considers Dormamu his strongest foe. If you do not know yet, Strange is one of the strongest Avengers to ever exist. Venom is way out of Dormammu’s League. He would be crushed like a twig.

Will Win Against – Red Skull

venom red skull

Red Skull is a very good tactician and strategist. His greatest asset is making plans for the long haul. With patience and calculated moves, the Red Skull can outsmart any superhero. But he needs time to think up a strategy to defeat Venom. In a one on one fight, the Red Skull will stand no chance. Even though a prototype version of the Super Soldier Serm does run through his veins, Johanm Schmidt is not going to last for long against the symbiote anti-hero in combat. If the fight happened, the defeat would leave the super villain red faced (pun intended).

Will Lose Against – The Abomination

venom abomination

Emil Blonsky was a decorated special-forces soldier before he was injected with Hulk’s Gamma irradiated blood and turned into the Abomination. Blonsky is both a strategist and tactician. While he may not be as good a fighter as Captain America, he did keep up with the Hulk when he hadn’t even transformed. When he became the Abomination, Blonsky easily destroyed the Hulk. The Green Goliath’s enormous strength could not even put a dent on Blonsky. A super villain that had enough firepower to keep the Hulk at bay could easily fight and beat Venom.

Will Win Against – Ghost

venom ghost

Ava Starr is the daughter of Elihas and Catherine Starr. She is the super villain known as the Ghost, the primary antagonist of Ant Man and the Wasp. Ava Starr has the power to phase through objects, using it to stop people’s hearts and giving her the power of invisibility and intangibility. People might think that this might be Ava’s trump card. That will not be the case against Venom. The Venom symbiote has shown to restart Eddie Brock’s heart after it has stopped in the comic books. Moreover Ava is almost always in pain. Venom, who has unlimited stamina, will just drag the fight till Ava could no longer keep up.

Will Lose Against – Ego

venom ego

Peter Quill’s father tried to show himself as this benevolent entity living on a lonely planet by him-self. It is later revealed that Ego is actually a sentient planet that has been sowing his seeds all over the universe in search of the perfect heir. Ego is extremely powerful and has abilities that lay far beyond human comprehension. With the ability control the environment and massive energy manipulation abilities Ego is not someone to be taken lightly. Venom will not even survive two seconds into the fight before Ego catches hold of him and disintegrates him with a blast of energy.


Will Win Against – Aldrich Killian

venom aldrich

Aldrich Killian is the only Iron Man villain to have developed super powers. Having the Extremis technology running through his veins, Aldrich has the power of super human strength, speed, durability, reflexes, regeneration, and endurance. He can also generate extreme temperatures hot enough to melt steel and breathe fire from his mouth. For all the fantastic abilities Extremis grants him, Aldrich is still nothing compared to Venom. In single combat, Venom takes the cake against Killian fair and square.

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Will Lose Against – Hela

venom hela

She is literally a Goddess. Her domain is the Underworld. Hela rules Hel, the realm of souls in Norse Mythology. The only person who could keep Hela out of Asgard was Odin. When he died, Hela was finally set free. In one full swoop, Hela defeated both the Sons of Odin and went on to single-handedly take down the entire mighty Asgardian Army. She did that all by herself. You think a symbiote alien superhero that talks to him-self could defeat Hela? Well we implore you to think again.

Will Win Against – Whiplash

venom whiplash

Ivan Vanko had a cursed childhood because of his Father being betrayed by Howard Stark. Vanko plotted for years to get his revenge on Stark Industries and its head Tony Stark. During the events of Iron Man 2, he came dangerously close to doing just that. Vanko’s greatest strength is his mind. He is second only to Tony Stark in terms of understanding of technology. He may look bulky but a pair of energy whips is not going to be enough to defeat Venom.

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