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5 MCU Characters Who Would Fit As Power Rangers

MCU has many heroes that can make the ultimate power team. They have distinct talents that are quite useful in every situation. The Power Rangers, on the other hand, are a group of equally competent and skilled individuals who have received the gift of powers, thus, possessing enhanced capabilities that make them worthy of becoming defenders of the Earth.

While Marvel heroes and the Power Rangers exist in different worlds, some MCU characters do qualify to join the other team. Each will carry their own skill set from MCU to form a defense squad that will save the Earth from alien invasion attacks.

Black Widow

Black Widow Power Rangers

Natasha Romanoff is a skilled spy agent, and her espionage ability will be very advantageous to the team. In addition to that, she is a deadly assassin charged with superhuman abilities. Natasha knows how to toggle with technology, too, and her weapons are as lethal as a black widow’s bite.

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She would make a great member of the Power Rangers team for her resourcefulness, hand-to-hand combat skills, and quick thinking.


Okoye Danai Gurira Power Rangers

Okoye is the General of the Dora Milaje and right-hand to the King of Wakanda, T’Challa. With those titles alone, one can tell that she has expertise in martial arts and battle fighting. As a warrior, Okoye is strong, smart, and sensible – on top of that, she has leadership skills, too.


Her military training combined with the state-of-the-art technology and weapons of Wakanda will truly make the Power Rangers team invincible.

Iron Man

Iron Man MCU

Tony Stark is a tech genius, and he knows how to deal with all kinds of high-end technology. Since they will be battling aliens, who are absolutely more advanced than humans, the team would need someone who can match their machinery.

With his critical thinking skills and adept knowledge of machines, Tony will make a great addition to the Power Rangers core team. Plus, he is a billionaire. They will definitely need lots of fortune to fund their expenses.

Captain America

Captain America Power Rangers

Steve Rogers is a born leader, and his leadership skill will come in handy when they are fighting otherworldly creatures. He was a veteran soldier who actively fought during World War II. Moreover, he has superhuman abilities that enable him to perform better, faster, and stronger than normal humans.

Steve knows how to create strategic planning, and he certainly knows how to take down enemies at their weakest points. His loyalty and patriotism will surely be his driving force to keep the Power Rangers team tight and strong.


Peter Parker Spider-Man Power Rangers

Peter Parker will be a great addition to the Power Rangers team despite being young and a little naïve. His eagerness to do good for the community is what makes him worthy of the superhero title. His extreme web-slinging skill will come in handy when aliens start flying across the sky.


Furthermore, Peter has a unique ability called the Spider-Sense. This is very valuable, especially in sensing approaching danger. It will also save many lives, both the citizens and his teammates.

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