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5 MCU Costumes That Were Great (& 5 That Weren’t)

At this point, we’re up to over one hundred hours of MCU content, and with that comes more than a few superheroes and villains. With the recent leaks of Riri Williams in the Ironheart show, it seems like a good time to go back through all that content and look at the 5 MCU costumes that were great, and 5 that weren’t.

5. Didn’t Work: Captain America – The Avengers

5 MCU costumes that were great, and 5 that weren't
Captain America in The Avengers

It sticks out like a sore thumb nowadays, but even Chris Evans has said how goofy and dated the costume from the first team-up film looks, especially compared to the more recent suits of his. The MCU has managed a good combination of comic accuracy without looking overly goofy since this though.

4. Didn’t Work: Scarlet Witch – Age of Ultron

5 MCU costumes that were great, and 5 that weren't
Wanda in Age of Ultron

‘Just throw on a red coat and you’ll be fine’ – the costume department presumably. Her character’s suits and costumes have come a long way since, but this was a lazy effort. Her latest couple of costumes has been far more complex and easy on the eye, whilst sticking to the core of her character at the same time.

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3. Didn’t Work: Iron Patriot – Iron Man 3

MCU costumes
Iron Patriot in Iron Man 3

Colors all over the place, and ultimately just a new paint scheme for what was already War Machine, Iron Patriot looked kind of rubbish then and does still today. Admittedly there isn’t much more to be done in the scope of the story of Iron Man 3, given the way Iron Patriot occurs, but still, this is poor.

2. Didn’t Work: Quicksilver-  Age of Ultron

5 MCU costumes that were great, and 5 that weren't
Quicksilver in Age of Ultron

A body suit. He’s wearing a body suit. Nothing more or less. I mean he wouldn’t look out of place on a running track and maybe that’s the point, but another costume with zero effort put into it. Not the finest example of a speedster in cinema history, and the costume certainly doesn’t help that either.

1. Didn’t Work: Whiplash – Iron Man 2

5 MCU costumes that were great, and 5 that weren't
Whiplash in Iron Man 2

The first time we see what’s supposedly the film’s major villain, he’s slow-mo walking down a racetrack, half naked with a few electrical wires off his chest. It looks cheap and fragile, further proven when Iron Man pulls it apart. That is probably the point, but they could have tried harder. In fact, the character as a whole could have been far better and is still one of the weakest villains of the MCU as a whole.

5. Worked: Iron Man MKIII – Iron Man

MCU costumes
Iron Man MKIII in Iron Man

The first entry in the 5 MCU costumes that were great and fourteen years later and this is still the best Iron Man suit in the MCU as a whole. Its clanky, mechanical look definitely sounds, looks, and ‘feels’ better than the nanotech suits from Infinity War and Endgame. Unfortunately, you can’t have a superhero without constant advancements with their suits, and this definitely rings true for one of the most technologically savvy characters in comics history.

4. Worked: Captain America – Infinity War

MCU costumes
Captain America in Infinity War

A dark and gritty version of his earlier suits, with both his star and Avengers symbols, removed, symbolizes his loss of faith in the Government (the star) and how alone he is (no ‘A’ symbol). Arguably my favorite of his costumes to the point I have it tattooed on my arm, I challenge anyone to point out a better Captain America costume.

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3. Worked: Loki – The Avengers

5 MCU costumes that were great, and 5 that weren't
Loki in The Avengers

The whole thing is glorious to look at, and one of the best-adapted costumes from the comics. From his flowing cape to his massive golden horns, the costume designers got it 100% right with this. Whilst his more recent costumes and suits haven’t been particularly bad, he peaked with his costume game back in The Avengers, and with the change in character now, that won’t be changing.

2. Worked: Scarlet Witch – Doctor Strange: Multiverse of Madness

5 MCU costumes that were great, and 5 that weren't
Scarlet Witch in Doctor Strange: Multiverse of Madness

After many appearances and attempts, they finally got a suit befitting for the character, and oh boy, was this one knocked out of the park. As mentioned earlier, the costumes for Wanda/Scarlet Witch have gotten exponentially better than her first appearance way back in Avengers: Age of Ultron, with this being her best yet.

1. Worked: Black Panther – Civil War

MCU Costumes
Black Panther in Civil War

Number one on the list of 5 MCU costumes that were great, and 5 that weren’t, I personally prefer the Civil War version to the Black Panther suit, but that’s just me. Both are fantastic, and both do a lot with the character, be it the vibranium suit saving him from damage, or the kinetic energy storing and expulsion showcased in Black Panther.

That’s my list of 5 MCU costumes that were great and 5 that weren’t, but what additions would you have made to the list? Disagree with mine? Let us know in the comments.

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Written by Luke Addison

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