5 MCU Duos Who Deserve More Screen Time

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The Marvel Cinematic Universe is comprised of several team-ups and alliances that fight alongside each other to defend and protect the Earth. These teams, whether big or small, grow from partnership to family. Some of them develop mutual feelings and that’s understandable.


In this list, we have picked a couple of MCU duos that deserve more story and screen time. We have seen some of them work together but only for a couple of scenes, and some we would like to see more of their tandem. Here are our top picks for MCU duos who need to be in the spotlight:

Bucky Barnes & Natasha Romanoff

Bucky Barnes and Natasha Romanoff MCU Duos


In Captain America: Civil War, fans have seen that crazy duel between Bucky Barnes and Natasha Romanoff. Two super soldier serum-powered fighters knock each other out for no reason at all except to defend their grounds. Then, we hear Natasha speak with the only breath left of her as Bucky strangles her to death, “You could at least recognize me.”

That’s the hint—they have worked together before and the Winter Soldier, with his brainwashed memory, could not recall one bit of their history. Fans could only hope sometime in the future that Marvel could at least feature a flashback episode of these two characters teaming up for a mission.

Loki & Doctor Strange

Loki and Doctor Strange MCU Duos


These two would be a very unlikely but interesting pair for sure. There will be clashes of ideas and flying insults here and there. Imagine if they pissed off each other and they start using their tricks to pin down one another, it will be utter chaos.

But setting that aside, these two will become an unstoppable force. No one would want to mess with a sorcerer, let alone with a god. Their enemies will never stand a chance.

Thor & Captain Marvel

Thor and Captain Marvel MCU Duos


Thor and Captain Marvel never had any interaction after they met each other at the headquarters where Thor expressed his fondness for Carol Danvers. They were both listed as the most powerful heroes in the MCU and were always pitted against each other as to who the stronger one is.

It would be fitting to resolve this mystery if they ever get a film where they work together. Surely at some point, both of them will disagree on something and perhaps start a fight. Thor picks up Stormbreaker and Captain Marvel fires up her hands.

Steve Rogers & Sharon Carter

Steve Rogers and Sharon Carter


Somehow Steve Rogers and Sharon Carter have worked together after Steve got compromised. Carter, or Agent 13, was sent to look out for him. The two even became romantic interests which did not work out because it would be weird dating your late girlfriend’s niece.

Despite so, fans crave more screen time between their partnership. They believe they make a good pair since both of them are smart, skilled, and sensible.

Vision & Darcy Lewis

Vision and Darcy Lewis MCU Duos


Their unexpected team up in WandaVision was a delight to watch. Darcy’s comedic timing always brings fresh air into the claustrophobic ambiance of the show. It was their only interaction in the world of MCU so it would have been nice if they worked more together before the series ended.


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