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5 MCU Heroes Who Are Just As Powerful As Scarlet Witch

Scarlet Witch, also well known as Wanda Maximoff, is one of the most heroic characters in Marvel history. She is the fabrication of the mind stone. She can defeat many cosmic beings and Avengers too. Wanda earns the ability of Telepathy (the art of reading one’s mind) and Telekinesis (the potential to move objects just by the power of the mind), making her an odd one out of all the Avengers. She possesses the power of making the psionic bolts just by using her mind’s energy and make the force shields out of them to fight the enemy. One of her most excellent vigors is the strength to manipulate minds with the help of her psionic energies. She has got good fighting skills too but not the best.

Wanda Maximoff is very powerful and energetic, but she has the inability to manage the damage count during the fight. The only angle for defense is her power, and she turns to be very flimsy at times.

Some heroes are more or just as powerful as Wanda Maximoff :


Carol Danvers, also known as Captain Marvel, embeds the power of the 7th sense cosmic awareness. She is a Kree – human hybrid, i.e., she Possesses the DNA of Kree aliens, which makes her very powerful and robust, and has the implantation of Tesseract waves which provide her with the cosmic powers giving the ball in her court. She is driven in by the Superhuman strength and the perfect durability for the combats. She is the wizard of Martial Arts making her invincible in hand-to-hand fights. Carol possesses the Tesseract cube energies calming her with the binary powers, which makes her absorb any energy converting into her power and making her stronger. She has the ability to fly and has been surviving in space for so long making, her prominent.



Dr. Stephen Strange was a reputed and egoistic neurosurgeon and a normal human being, but after meeting an accident, he lost the working ability of his hands. His dedication to making his hands well to make him roam the globe and land to THE ANCIENT ONE. He learned all the magic skills and gained the powers from THE ANCIENT ONE. He acquires the ability of dimensional powers. He can teleport anywhere by making portals. He has learned mirror dimensions which makes him very strong. With the help of Sword Spell, he can construct any powerful weapon. Cloak of Levitation provides him with the power to fly. Stephen can even travel the multi-universe and can control time too. Enchanting him with Time Stone makes him one of the strongest Avengers.


3. Thor :

Well, he is known as Asgardian God Of Thunder and one of the founding members of avengers. He is blessed with superhuman strength and superhuman durability. He has the capabilities to manipulate the weather and change the circumstances for his enemy. His body healing powers are much better than any of the avengers. Thunder God’s bones are very murky, which makes him very strong. Thor can generate and control electrical energies and use them as a source of his strength. Even ODIN dedicated him with the title of “THE STRONGEST AVENGER.” He owns his special weapon called “THE MAJOLNIR,” which allows him to fly and travel interdimensional portals (e.g., From Earth to Asgard). His new weapon named “strom breaker” is also a very powerful weapon. With the help of his storm breaker, he was able to give immense injuries to Thanos.



Vision is a synthetic human-robot made up of Vibranium, fabricated by Ultron with Helen Cho and gives viability by the Mind Stone. Being a synthezoid, he has a bucket of power and strength. He is a superhuman with super strength, super durability, and super endurance. He is blessed with the magic of Density Manipulation and can go through the objects just by changing the density of his body. Moreover, he was able to lift the Mjolnir, which no other avenger was able to. Because of the Mind Stone, which is embedded in his forehead, he can do energy blasts which make him more powerful. He is also the master of Technopathy (ability to control electronic signals). Captain America has trained him in hand-to-hand combat. Vision is also an expert on his own repair. He can circulate the solar energy with his solar gem on his brow.



The Ancient One is the mentor of Dr. Strange and is a very powerful superhuman. He possesses the power to divert the magical forces for a huge number of effects and is capable of entering the extra-dimensional energies of Earth. The ancient one has the capability of astral projection, inter-dimensional teleportation, and no. Of other effects too. The Ancient One also possesses many magical objects like the orb, amulet, etc. With just the basic spells, He could manipulate anyone. He has been the formidable Martial Artist, which is a plus point to his strength. He knew the astral projection and the horological manipulation and had the encyclopedic knowledge of Arcane arts, for no. Of years he has served as the leader of the master of the mystic cards, which gave her the knowledge of each and every kind of magic. With the help of Eldritch’s magic manipulation, Ancient One could create energy shields and deadly weapons. He could access the mirror dimensions with the sling rings too. Wand of Watoob was the primary weapon for The Ancient One, which could create a fatal magical blast.