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5 MMORPGs You Can Play Now

Multiplayers are great, especially when they have the ability to bring together millions of players from across the world into a single playing ground. If player interaction is your jazz, we have 5 MMORPGs you can play right now.



Element Quest

This is a unique 2D MMORPG that uses a side scroller. Gather a crew, interact with players, embark on adventures, and explore the vast playing maps. Go on expeditions to fight giant mushrooms (with super cute faces) and other creatures to slowly level up. The game has evolved quite a lot since it was first put out into the world and continues to bring pretty good content to the table. This game is available at no cost to you on Steam.

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element quest
Go on your very own elemental quest.


Pony Town

Customize a pony with dozens of color, hair, and accessory options, and spawn into a server with thousands of other players spilled across the map. The main point in this game is to socialize, role play, express yourself, or meet new friends as you stroll through tons of interactive shops and restaurants. You can create your own self-built home outside of the main map with highly-customizable items and land options. This game is free and in-browser, requiring only a Discord account to get started.

pony town
You’re free to role-play, cosplay, and create.


This is an immense online gaming platform you may have heard about in recent years. It is aimed at younger audiences, but can still be highly entertaining with literally thousands of MMORPGs on its front page. It is not only limited to these types of games, so you can take a long look at the list and take your pick. You will need to create an account and keep in mind that it has a high number of young players within. If you are capable of keeping guidelines, you can explore a ton of team-developed MMORPGs.

Over 202 million monthly players!

Adventure Quest 3D


If you like playing with friends, you will probably truly enjoy this game. It allows you to spawn in the same server as your buddies regardless of the device you’re using. It contains real-time combat, a multi-class system, crafting, customization, a PvP Arena, and tons of other enjoyable aspects of a persistent online world. Although it has a pretty conventional graphics set, it’s still well designed nonetheless. It’s updated almost weekly and continues to bring out new items, weapons, and other improvements to the game. This is a good choice for casual gaming with a few people in your squad and can be considered one of the better MMORPG games out there.

adventure quest 3d
We’d highly recommend this game, go ahead and try it.


As another browser-based game, Aberoth does a good job of integrating a unique world and excellent gameplay, all in retro-like arcade graphics. Enjoy PvP, up to 20 monster pets, 15 adventurous quests, and 6 different skills. PvP is actually allowed throughout the game allowing for a good bit of challenge to newer players. This game is entirely free to play and has not been updated, but still remains incredibly fun for getting rid of a good chunk of time.

This is a wonderfully made cover image for a charming retro-like game.


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Written by Emily Shadel