5 Most Evil Characters From Peaky Blinders, Ranked

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Peaky Blinders has a lot of evil characters, not just the plain kind of bad people but the devil of the kind. The show is oozing with so much violence, aggressiveness, deaths, and sexual undertones. The characters are all messed up in their own ways. Perhaps these elements make the show interesting and addicting to watch.


While each of the ensemble characters, both protagonists and villains, share a common trait, which is evilness, some are just unexplainably worse. Some just go beyond the limit of being bad. Here is a list of the most evil characters that fans will immediately recognize:

Billy Kimber

Billy Kimber Peaky Blinders


Billy Kimber is the head of the Birmingham Boys. This means that he runs most of the legal tracks outside London. He is extremely rich that even police officers are on his payroll.

Thomas Shelby has made several deals with him including providing security for his bookies in exchange for legal betting pitches. Kimber wanted to take advantage of Grace but Thomas saved her by telling the guy that she has the clap.

Oswald Mosley

oswald mosley peaky blinders


Based on a real-life personality, Oswald Mosley is considered the greatest enemy of Thomas Shelby. He is very charismatic towards the audience and has a way with words. Mosley is a fascist politician who has a past connection with Lizzie, Thomas’s wife.

He appeared on the fifth season of the show and was able to survive his assassination. This makes him the central antagonist in the upcoming sixth series.

Luca Changretta

luca changretta peaky blinders


The Italian mafioso from New York is one of the worst enemies of the Shelby family. He is very intimidating and he is, so far, the only one who managed to kill one of them. He got John Shelby, and severely injured Arthur Shelby and Michael Gray.

Luca Changretta is ruthless and he feeds on revenge. He is a master of manipulation and a threat to the entire family. His actions are strongly motivated by his father’s death.

Darby Sabini

Darby Sabini


He is the main antagonist in the second season and his first impression definitely lasted longer than expected. Darby Sabini’s trademark would be his vendetta against the Shelby family. He is brutal and is willing to kill innocent people just to carry out his plans.

In Peaky Blinders, Sabini is featured as the very first real enemy of Thomas Shelby. He is known as the king of the racecourse gangs. He was at war with both Thomas and Alfie Solomons.

Father John Hughes

Father John Hughes


Father Hughes radiates an unsettling and eerie persona that no one can truly have a grasp of what he is up to. It was only revealed later on that he is a pedophile and he abused Michael Gray during his time in the orphanage. Michael was able to take his revenge against him, though.

This character manages to control and manipulate the Shelby family, especially Thomas. As an esteemed religious person, he never gets his hands dirty. He has a league of men ready to kill anyone upon his orders.


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