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5 Movie Endings That Were Extremely Satisfying (& 5 That Felt Super Cheap)

5 Movie Endings That Were Extremely Satisfying 5 That Felt Super Cheap

Movies usually end up on a good note with the protagonist coming on top, which is pretty satisfying. Still, movie endings need to be done carefully when directors choose to go in the opposite direction where they do not end like a fairy tale. Otherwise, the movie may leave audience dissatisfied, and the endings may be underwhelming. After all, the ending can make or break the entire film. Here is the list of movie endings that were extraordinarily satisfying and those that turned out to be cheap.

10. Cheap: Alien 3- A movie that is an underwhelming sequel to the Alien franchise didn’t do so well. There was a choppy beginning and a prompt twist in the end, but the audience were in a weird state of confusion as there were no hints given about it. The pieces weren’t fitting together, and thus it failed to be meaningful for the viewers.

Cheap: Alien 3 Has Ripley Getting Infected... At Some Point
Alien 3

9. Well Done: The Godfather- Following a horrific gang war between New York’s Five Families and his father’s death, Michael Corleone rises to become ‘Don Corleone,’ the head of the Mafia crime family in The Godfather. The ending of this movie is created exceptionally well with a terrific screenplay that shows a perfect ascension through the ranks of the family.

Well Done: The Godfather Shows Don Corleone's Ascension
The Godfather

8. Cheap: Moulin Rouge- Moulin Rouge is a beautifully constructed musical that portrays the secret relationship of a couple. Even after fighting against all the obstacles, they could have had some memorable moments together until Satine eventually dies. But then, everything felt too constructed, and it lost its realistic touch.

Cheap: Moulin Rouge Orchestrates A Too-Choreographed Twisting Of The Knife
Moulin Rouge

7. Well Done: In Avengers Infinity War, Thanos promises to wipe off half of all life in the universe and keeps the audience eagerly waiting for a miracle to keep him from doing that in suspense. To everyone’s surprise, he does precisely what he promised.

Well Done: Thanos Does Exactly What He Promises

6. Cheap: In the Harry Potter series, Dobby is a house-elf who meets a tragic end to save everyone’s lives. However, their character showed enormous growth from being a slave to experiencing freedom and gathering some fandom. So it seemed pointless for some when Dobby was killed in The Deathly Hallows Part I.

Cheap: The Deathly Hallows Part I Brings Dobby Back Just To Die

5. Well Done: An exciting storyline that had the potential to go far and not be overbearing. But it instead emphasized Dana and the decisions she made to save the world.

Well Done: The Cabin In The Woods Emphasizes The Protagonist's Choices
The Cabin In The Woods

4. Cheap: Color Out Of Space: While a depressing ending fits a Lovecraft story that deals with aliens who cannot understand humans and are unstoppable, the way the theme changes from the original ideas and leaves the ending sad wasn’t appealing.

Cheap: Color Out Of Space Has No Reprieve Whatsoever
Color Out Of Space

3. Well Done: Se7en: The crime drama builds up the story by its attempt to capture the serial killer John Doe, but unexpectedly, he gives himself up, causing confusion among the policemen about the rest of the murders. Finally, after a severe turn of events, Doe is killed, ending the film on a deserving note.

Well Done: Se7en Completes Its Motif & Devastates Audiences

2. Cheap: A Clockwork Orange: The movie is considered a milestone in filmmaking because of its storyline and direction. It was a masterpiece. However its ending was underwhelming in many ways, which didn’t do justice to the entire franchise.

A Clockwork Orange: Analyzing Stanley Kubrick's Masterpiece | DMT
A Clockwork Orange

1. Well Done: The Mist: The movie’s ending is iconic. While the Drayton family was stuck in the mist, they started losing hopes of their survival. To save the rest of the survivors, he kills them, including his son. But in the end, the US army kills the creepy creatures in no time. The killing seemed to be in vain.

Well Done: The Mist Grounds Viewers In A Horrifying Twist
The Mist


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