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5 Movie & TV British Stereotypes That Are Way Off (& 5 That Are Spot On)

British TV shows and movies show us a typical type and class of British people, and we always wonder if that’s really there in the UK. It showcases a lot of stereotypes like huge mansions and a typical accent. Let’s find out if they all are really true. Here’s a list of 5 movie and TV British stereotypes that are way off and 5 that are spot on.

1. Not all men from the UK are as Charming and polite as those we see on screen. Like Hugh Grant from Notting Hill.

Hugh Grant Movie & TV British Stereotypes
Hugh Grant from Notting Hill

2. Shows like The Crown depict the Royal Family’s traditions and lifestyle. However obsessive people from the UK in The Crown seem towards the Royal Family, in reality, it isn’t the case.

The Crown Movie & TV British Stereotypes
The Crown

3. Small Towns and the nearing areas, or even villages, are the major hotspot for crime. That’s how we see it on TV shows. But in reality, that’s not the case.


"Broadchurch" Movie & TV British Stereotypes
A still from Broadchurch

4. There are diverse accents across the UK. While in a movie or a TV show, only a particular type of accent is shown. So that becomes another one of British stereotypes that are way off.

Movie & TV British Stereotypes Sherlock Holmes
Sherlock Holmes

5. On TV series like Downton Abbey, people are always shown to be formally and smartly dressed, but it is actually one stereotype. People in the UK aren’t always dressed like that.

Downton Abbey Movie & TV British Stereotypes
Downton Abbey

6. Shows like Skin and Misfits show the right version to a certain extent. Brits are more open about drug use than other places.

Skins Movie & TV British Stereotypes

7. Even though the accents differ there is one thing that all the Brits commonly love is to swear. And that is accurately shown in the movies and TV shows.

Bloody Hell Ron Weasley
Bloody Hell!

8. Tea is undeniably one of the most loved things among the Brits. So yes, what we see on TV and theatre screens about an English person fancying a cup of tea is real.

Jewels on Film: THE CROWN (Season 2, Episode 9)
They love their tea

9. And of course the weather. What they show in movies and TV shows is somewhat accurate, it doesn’t rain every time, but it’s cloudy mostly.

Sherlock Holmes Ambient: Rainy Afternoon at Baker Street - YouTube
It’s almost always cloudy

10. Enjoying a good pint is also another thing Brits love. So if in an English movie or a show you see them enjoying a pint, then know that it’s pretty accurate.

Richard DeDomenici on Twitter: "Hi @victoriacomet! Next month at @getnorth2018 I'm making a low-fi remake of scenes from Get Carter, and would love to film a couple of quick scenes in your
A still from Get Carter

These were few of the examples of movie and TV British stereotypes. Even though all of them aren’t real to watch the depiction doesn’t get any less interesting. Do you know more? Let us know in the comments.

Written by FandomWire Staff