Movies We Loved As Kids (But Hate As Adults) Based On Reddit

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We all had our favorite movies as kids. These movies shaped our childhood and influenced our current taste in films. But as we grow old, we shift interests, develop our critical judgment, and choose wisely which kind of entertainment is worth our time.


Some films we loved as children just no longer work their magic. We have compiled a list of kids movies taken from people’s opinions on Reddit. Here they share which movies they loved as kids but hate as adults:

Percy Jackson & The Olympians (2010)

Percy Jackson kids movies


Percy Jackson & The Olympians was one of the highly anticipated movie adaptations during this year. The franchise has produced only two films despite being so popular among the young audience. Many praised the cast, the outstanding visual effects, and the heart-pumping storyline.

But, according to those who have read the books, it was not loyal to its source material. Reddit user Legally_Adri said that those who have actually “read the books, rewatch the movies, and wonder[ed] what the hell went so wrong”. Still, everyone is anticipating the upcoming TV series.

The Adventures Of Sharkboy And Lavagirl (2005)

Sharkboy and Lavagirl


Many kids grew up watching this adventure-filled movie, and it has become a very significant part of their childhood. The story follows a young boy named Max who created his own world and characters to escape the bullying of his classmates. His wild imagination conjured up Sharkboy and Lavagirl.

While it was enjoyable to watch as a kid, it lost its wonder when watched as an adult. PM_ME_FIT_REDHEADS of Reddit said, “As an adult when it came out and my kids had to watch it, YES! Soooooo, boring when it isn’t embarrassing. I fell asleep 30 minutes in.”

Alvin And The Chipmunks (2007)

Alvin Chipmunks kids movies


Alvin and the Chipmunks was quite a popular movie among kids and adults. Aside from its visually appealing graphics, comedic plot, and fluffy characters, the musical covers were also the icing on top.

The audience who used to love the movie soon realized that those shrill chipmunk voices were not pleasant at all. Reddit fan Janostar213 said that “there was an Alvin and chipmunks remix for every song,” and they were very annoying.

Spy Kids (2001)

Spy Kids


This is a popular children’s movie that is enjoyed by the whole family. Part of its success was its appeal to the general audience and its strange special effects that kids loved watching.

Several movies followed Spy Kids’ footsteps, but these days, people disapprove of its horrible visual graphics. Reddit user IreallEwannasay said that “the first Spy Kids holds up, though […] if you can ignore the graphics.”

Sleepover (2004)

Sleepover kids movies


Even as kids, we loved watching teen movies because it depicts one of life’s most exciting stage. From sleepovers to school parties, first love to first heartbreak – we can’t wait to experience them all.

But fans of these chick flicks like Sleepover no longer appreciate these kinds of portrayals because they are unrealistic. Isittheweekend from Reddit said they “realized how cringey and awful it is watching as an adult (older guys dating 14-year-olds, fat-shaming, etc).”


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