5 Movies We Wish We Could Forget

movies we wish we could forget
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Just as a point, when I say 5 movies we wish we could forget, it’s not because I want to experience them again, it’s flat out because they’re terrible films in their own way, and not something I want to taint my eyes, ears or mind with again.


5. X-Men Origins: Wolverine (2009)

5 films i wish I could forget
Hugh Jackman as Wolverine

One of two equally famous superhero entries in this list, the first solo film for Wolverine was poor for many reasons, whether it’s for the terrible story playing havoc with the already muddied X-Men timeline, the poor special effects, or the almost offensive portrayal of Deadpool, before thankfully his much better and more faithful appearance in his own film a few years later. Another poor sequel followed before we got the far better Logan, which did make up for the character’s poor solo outings the years prior.

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4. Twilight (2008)

5 films I wish I could forget
Robert Pattinson as Edward Cullen

Probably an obvious entry in my list of 5 movies we wish we could forget, we’ll ignore the obvious hate for the film for a second, as it’s become easy. a popular thing to do to hate on the film and franchise as a whole, so this is only about the first film, the only one I’ve seen. With its wooden acting, poor pacing, and sparkly vampires, I wouldn’t complain about the film being forgotten from history, and it’s never a good sign when the lead actor publicly bashes and distances himself from the film, as Robert Pattinson has.

3. The Happening (2008)

5 films I wish I could forget

One of the many entries into M. Night Shyamalan’s filmography had a decent enough premise with a terrible climax/twist or overall poor execution, The Happening is in my opinion his worst. The whole film we’re led to believe people are killing themselves for no discernible reason, and the mystery of why is what makes us keep watching until we’re then told that it’s in fact plants… plants sending their pheromones in a coordinated attack against the human race,


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2. Firewall (2006)

Harrison Ford as Jack Stanfield

A film including the acting chops of Harrison Ford and Paul Bettany must be good right? Apparently not. Ford’s family gets kidnapped by Bettany’s ‘criminal mastermind’, in an attempt to him to aid in their attempt to steal $100 million dollars. I’ve pretty much just described the entire film in one sentence, and it’s still more fleshed out than the final film was. Clearly nothing more than a paycheck for the two actors, it won’t be a fondly remembered part of either of their filmography.

1. Green Lantern (2011)

Ryan Reynolds as Hal Jordan

Number one on my list of 5 movies we wish we could forget, starring Ryan Reynolds in the second of his terrible comic book parts, Green Lantern is another film from this list that is part of pop culture for all the wrong reasons. The terrible CGI, incredibly corny dialogue and just all-around not a particularly faithful adaptation of the source material do not make for a good film whatsoever. The star himself has multiple times mocked his own work, from his recent tweet after the release of Zack Snyder’s Justice League, his subtle digs at it multiple times during the two Deadpool films, or just some of the things he’s said during interviews about it. It’s fair to say this isn’t going in any time capsules for the preservation of the cinematic arts any time soon.


That’s my 5 movies we wish we could forget, but what would your 5 be? What glaring and obvious entries did I miss?

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