5 Multiverse Characters We Want in The Flash Movie

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Fans are getting more and more pumped for the upcoming DC Film The Flash, bringing back Ezra Miller as the Scarlett Speedster and helmed by It Director Andy Muschietti. Centered on the Multiverse to explore the vast content by Warner Brothers and DC, WB is hoping this film will become a turning point for their DC Extended Universe. But what is getting fans so excited about this film in particular, is how WB has been attempting to bring back characters and actors from previous DC films. Already set to bring back Michael Keaton and Ben Affleck both as Batman; Warner Brothers is also taking a look at Chris O’ Donnell as Robin from Batman Forever and Batman & Robin, Christian Bale as Batman/Bruce Wayne from The Dark Knight Trilogy and even Nicholas Cage as Superman from the failed film Superman Lives! While all of that is exciting, for this list we will be taking a bit of a deeper look at some of the characters from previous DC films that could also make an appearance. Characters that we would just like to see again, or characters that still need some closure since their final appearance. This will be the five characters from the DC Multiverse we would like to see in the The Flash movie.


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Lynda Carter from Wonder Woman (1975)


Although she has already appeared in the series Supergirl as President Olivia Marsdin, DC Entertainment is no stranger to using the same actor twice. Take a look at Brandon Routh as The Atom from Legends of Tomorrow and the crossover event that brought him back as Superman from the graphic novel Kingdom Come. The same could play out for Lynda Carter returning as Wonder Woman in a brief appearance. Considering the impact Gal Gadot’s version has made around the world, it wouldn’t be possible if not for the influence of Lynda Carter’s take back in 1975. Understandably she is 69 now, so the odds of her doing much action as Wonder Woman is slim. But still, the chance for her to show up and interact with Ezra Millers Flash and what his reaction might be could be something special. An even better idea would be if she didn’t just show up as Diana Prince, but in the actual red, white and blue suit but with a modern upgrade of her classic design. She has played a great part in the Supergirl show, but with all she has done for the character and the impact she has made she deserves to have the chance to finally put her variation of Wonder Woman to rest.


Selina Kyle/Catwoman from Batman Returns


Michelle Pfeiffer’s take on Catwoman in the 1992 film Batman Returns, is one of the most memorable from the movie. She managed to set the standard for the way the character is portrayed and despite the many other iterations, no one has yet to top it. Remember what I mentioned earlier about giving some of these characters closure? This would be one of those opportunities. Near the end of Batman Returns, Selina kills herself while also murdering Max Shreck. When we think she is really dead, the film ends revealing she actually survived the incident. However after Batman Returns, Tim Burton was taken from the director’s seat and replaced with Joel Schumacher who decided to take a different approach with the franchise. Therefore, nothing further was ever done with Catwoman in the future Batman installments. An opportunity like this would finally allow closure to the character. Even if it was just a brief cameo showing that perhaps she and Bruce managed to rekindle their relationship and settled down, but when Flash shows up then Bruce has to put back on cape and cowl one last time. Despite what she is doing with the Marvel Cinematic Universe as Janet Van Dyne, actresses are known to double dip when it comes to comic book films.


Anyone from HBO’s Watchmen


This one might not be for everyone but if done right, this could be something special. While this entry could work for either the Zack Snyder film or HBO’s acclaimed series, bringing the DC Universe together as a whole by connecting it with any Watchmen character would introduce the diversity of the Multiverse. However, using the HBO series would provide more accuracy to the source material since the show is a direct sequel to the graphic novel, which in case you did already know is one of the most celebrated graphic novels of all time. While we would love to see Regina Hall reprise her role as Angela Abar, which could easily work in a world of the DC Extended Universe. The logical pick to bring into the film would be their version of Dr. Manhattan, since he is one of the most powerful beings in DC Comics with the ability to travel across alternate dimensions. His appearance in The Flash to help establish the Multiverse could work for the story, even a brief cameo or reference could help pave the way for future DC Films. I might be the only one who would want this to happen, but…. Doomsday Clock movie anyone?


Robin Blake from The Dark Knight Rises


As I mentioned earlier, there is a lot of speculation surrounding the possible return of Christian Bale as Bruce Wayne/Batman. But that had me thinking, isn’t he technically dead? If you haven’t seen The Dark Knight Rises, this might come off as a spoiler. At the end of film, Batman sacrifices himself by using the Batwing to fly Banes bomb across the river to save the people of Gotham. Turns out that he actually survived the explosion and is now living the rest of his days with Selina Kyle. However, the mantel of Batman and his equipment were handed over to GCPD Officer Blake which later revealed his name was Robin. So when I saw the announcement that Warner Brothers were looking at Bale to come back as Batman, I realized the inconsistency with that choice. The world Nolan built and the story he told with Bale as Bruce Wayne has been told, bringing his arc to a close. But audiences were still left wondering would become of Blake and his story, did he carry on as Batman or become a new hero in his own right? By using Robin Blake for The Flash is not only giving us a bit of closure of what became of him, but also retaining the arc of Nolans Bruce Wayne.


Anyone from Justice League Mortal


I was taking such a long time to come up with a final entry for this list, and then I remember DC was possibly bringing back Nicholas Cage as Superman and thought “If they can bring him in from a failed Superman movie, what about the failed Justice League movie?” so for those of you that don’t know what Justice League Mortal is, let’s break it down for you. Justice League Mortal was a film being written by Kieran and Michele Mulroney, with Mad Max director George Miller set to direct. However, the plans for were scrapped in favor of starting the DC Extended Universe with Man of Steel. They had even already casted majority of the film with Armie Hammer as Batman, D.J. Cotrona as Superman, Megan Gale as Wonder Woman, Adam Brody as The Flash and the rest of the League as well. Although the film was never made, it has still left fans wondering what could have been especially with a director like George Miller at the helm. And since this Flash film is supposed to partly adapted from the comic Flashpoint, there is a chance we might see multiple versions of the Flash and a chance to see Adam Brody’s version of the Fastest Man Alive. Even if audiences don’t know all the details of Brody’s Flash, they will still be able to see just how diverse the multiverse can be.

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