5 New Changes That MCU Made Without Any Explanation

The MCU has evolved massively over the last 14 years. So with this evolution comes constant alterations that are made to the characters who have become a vital part of the franchise. Changes like new suit additions are self-explanatory. And those like Thor losing his eye and his hammer are explained on-screen. But in the last few years, Marvel has made a few altercations that we thought would be explained properly. But apparently, they haven’t done anything to answer the questions that they themselves have raised. Here’s a list of new changes that MCU made without any real clarification:

How Cap Got a New Shield?

2014’s Thanos destroyed Captain America’s shield in Endgame. But then by the end of the film, old man Steve brought a different shield to pass his mantle onto Sam Wilson. Theorizing about how Steve got this new shield from his branched timeline, we presumed that maybe it would be made out of Proto-Adamantium, just like the comics. But that is yet to be proven. Everyone thought that The Falcon and the Winter Soldier would answer the new shield’s mystery. But we got to know absolutely nothing about it. Hopefully, the upcoming Captain America 4 will have the answers we seek.

How Hulk Got His Arm Fixed?

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After Smart Hulk snapped his fingers in Endgame, the Russos confirmed that his arm was permanently damaged. But then he changed form in Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings. And even though Bruce Banner had his arm in a brace, it still seemed to be less blackened than the last time we saw it.

New Changes That MCU Made

So, did his arm begin to heal in this state? How is it that Smart Hulk’s arm has been fixed in the latest She-Hulk trailer? We really hope that She-Hulk will solve this mystery, and it won’t be another Sam Wilson’s new shield situation where we are just supposed to take the sudden change in stride and move on.

How Thor Got His Eye Fixed?

Thor lost an eye while battling Hela in Ragnarok. But the Thor: Love and Thunder teaser showed us that after getting a brown prosthetic eye in Infinity War, both of Thor’s eyes are suddenly blue once again. So did Thor grow his eye back somehow? Or did he start wearing a new cybernetic eye that just matches the color of his one good eye? Thor 4 needs to answer this question. But it is possible that the teaser was just messing with us, and the color of the fake eye would still be brown in the final cut.

How Strange Got a New Eye of Agamotto?

Thanos destroyed Doctor Strange’s first Eye of Agamotto in Infinity War. But then, he suddenly had it back in No Way Home, and he was even using it for new purposes throughout Multiverse of Madness as well. But we never really got an explanation for where this new relic came from.

New Rockstars explained that this new one could be a second relic that’s based on the original Eye of the first Sorcerer Supreme, Agamotto. And like the comics, MCU might have 3 different relics of the same design. The first one housed the Time Stone. The second one seems to be opening gates in No Way Home and Doctor Strange 2. And the third one will probably be introduced later in the MCU.

How The Abomination Changed His Look?

New Changes That MCU Made

The Abomination made a surprising comeback in Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings. And somehow, his design had been totally altered as he got a more comic-accurate look. This change is similar to how Hulk’s look changed from The Incredible Hulk to The Avengers. Marvel never explained that change and they are probably not going to enunciate why the Abomination looks totally different from the last time we saw him all those years ago. But we could just presume that just like Hulk’s look evolved even further when he and Banner worked things out, maybe the Abomination and Emil Blonsky also worked it out. And hence, we’ve got this new evolved look of his.

Which other changes would you like a proper explanation for? Let us know in the comments.

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