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5 New Villains We Want In The Batman Sequels

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The Batman (2022) is one of next year’s most exciting comic book movies to date. After the trailer dropping back in August, the internet blew up! May it have been for joy while for others skepticism. It gandered all our atttention. There were definitely goosebumps when the audience caught a glimpse of The Riddler suffocating a man with duct tape. With the words “No More Lies” written across the duct-taped face. Once witnessing that scene and completing the entirety of the trailer it was clear that The Batman was pulling no punches. It’s welcoming the noir film aesthetic with open arms with a dash of psychological thriller/horror. It’s been confirmed that Penguin, Catwoman, The Riddler are in the movie.

Patience isn’t always the fans’ best ally when awaiting a movie, but let us entertain the thought of what possible future villains could appear for Matt Reeves, The Batman to face in sequels. In the list, we’re excluding The Joker, Deathstroke, Black Mask, Two-Face, Scarecrow, etc… any popular villain that has/is currently used in the movies. Let’s see some new faces on the big screen that can give Batman a challenge and raise the stakes.

5.) Hush

The childhood friend of Bruce Wayne turned into one of Batman’s deadliest foes, Hush. Holding a grudge towards Bruce Wayne for years after Bruce’s father saved Thomas Elliot’s (Hush) mother from certain death. This was after a failed plot to kill both of his parents in order to take their inheritance at an early age. Hush is a cunning foe that relies heavily on quick thinking to complete his heinous acts of terror on Wayne and Batman. Hush being a talented plastic surgeon went as fast as reconstructing his own face to look like Bruce Wayne in order to crush the billionaire from the inside.

4.) Professor Pyg
professorpyg batman 2022

What do you get when you mix the vile nature of killer Jeffrey Dahmer with Hannibal Lecter’s surgeon skills and throw in a pig mask? Yeah, it’s he’s a mucked-up character that would turn The Batman sequel into a SAW movie.

3.) Calendar Man
Calendarman 2022

Yes, he has a funny name and was originally a corny villain but! That’s the past! Calendar Man has the hallmarking to be a terrifying villain for The Batman sequels. A character that’ll have our hero using all of his detective skills to catch a killer that claims new victims every holiday or special event within the year.

2.) Man-Bat

Man-Bat might be in the minority of desired Batman villains to carry an entire movie alone, but I see a frightening monster movie in the making. His story is all about a failed experiment that turns a man into a mindless beast of the night, stalking the city from above and feasting upon human flesh. Batman is Gotham’s, Van Helsing/Sherlock Holmes.

1.) Court of Owls
Court of Owls Batman

This is the money maker right here and many fans are dying to see. An old sadistic, secret organization of Gotham City that made Batman’s family who they are now.

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Written by Barry Buzzkill

Woah, he writes!