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5 No Way Home Surprises That No One Is Talking About

Spider-Man: No Way Home is just about a couple of weeks away from us. Many of you must have already bought your tickets after being victims of the recent ticket sales crash. The hype for this film is surreal! Since the trailers had an opening viewership higher than Avengers: Endgame, we’re certain that people are as eager to watch this film as they were for the Avengers finale event. And why is everyone so eager? Well, that’s because there are many No Way Home surprises that people are looking forward to! But there are some that people aren’t actually talking about.

By now, everyone knows that Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield will show up in the movie along with 5 villains from the past. People are even sure of Matt Murdock’s appearance in the movie. And everyone is looking forward to Venom’s role in it. But apart from all these major appearances, there are a few other ways through which this movie could amaze you. Here are at least 5 other No Way Home surprises that we could get:

1. Who Owns The Avengers Tower?

The Avengers tower was sold off in a Spider-Man movie. So, we initially thought that maybe a Spider-Man villain like Norman Osborn would have bought the tower. But the film is bringing in Osborn from the multiverse. So, it is safe to say that the new owner would be someone else. People are going to love this new guy because it should be none other than Reed Richards!

There have been several hints pointing towards the fact that the Avengers tower will now become the Baxter Building. It will house the Fantastic Four. Spider-Man: Far From Home’s ending actually teased this. We saw that the building had been completely renovated, and right in front of it were these construction boards stating, “We are so excited to show you what comes next.” The statement was followed by numbers 1, 2, 3, and a ‘?’. So, what comes next is 4, which was an obvious nod to Phase 4, and perhaps the Fantastic Four as well.

No Way Home Surprises

Marvel has already announced a Fantastic Four movie. And guess who is directing it. Well, if you’re unaware, it’s none other than the director of the Homecoming trilogy, Jon Watts. So, it’s kinda obvious that we’re going to get a tease for Fantastic Four in No Way Home. Now, it’s unlikely that a member of this family would cameo since the film is so stuffed already. So, the best way to set them up is by showing us a big bright 4 on top of the old Avengers Tower.

2. A Fourth Spider-Man?

Spider-Man: Homecoming teased the existence of Miles Morales through Donald Glover’s Aaron Davis. Far From Home did nothing to build upon that tease, so No Way Home probably has to do that. Now that Sony has announced another Spider-Man trilogy for Tom Holland in the MCU, it could be about Holland’s Peter training, and teaming up with Miles Morales. Rumor has it that Morales has already been cast. So, that future setup could be coming through his cameo in No Way Home.

3. What About Mysterio?

It is widely believed that Quentin Beck somehow faked his death in Far From Home. The ending proved that Team Mysterio was very much active, and it could be connected to J. Jonah Jameson. While everyone will be focused upon the 5 multiverse villains, the ending or the post-credits scene could reveal how Beck survived. Jake Gyllenhaal’s returning cameo could set up the real MCU-based Sinister Six that Peter might take on along with Miles Morales in the next Spider-Man trilogy.

4. Connection to Morbius?

No Way Home Surprises

With all the hype surrounding No Way Home, people seem to be forgetting that it will be followed by another Sony Marvel movie, i.e. Morbius. And, Michael Keaton’s MCU version of Adrian Toomes is supposed to appear in that movie. Now we know that a connection with Venom has to be established, and Venom probably has to be sent back to SPUMC by the end of No Way Home. But how that will happen could be the big reveal. Maybe the MCU will get tangled with SPUMC through some multiverse mumbo-jumbo. Or, a few characters like Peter, Eddie, and Adrian Toomes will somehow get transported to the Sony Pictures Universe of Marvel Characters. I guess we’ll see.

5. Ned Turns to the Darkside?

Peter and Ned are the best of friends. In fact, Ned is his guy in the chair. But what if No Way Home brings a twist in the tale? What if it turns Ned against Peter, or at least introduces some differences between them? That would be a pretty cool setup for Ned to become Hobgoblin in the next Spider-Trilogy. Again, not a lot of people are expecting to see this in No Way Home. So, it’ll be a big shock for many!

There are some other things that could astonish fans (including Stark tech’s involvement in the film). But these are the 5 things that nobody is really talking about. Which other No Way Home surprises could we get? Let us know in the comments.

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Written by Neal Johnson