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5 Pixelated Games You Might Not Know Of

5 Pixelated Games You Might Not Know Of

It’s always good to find brand new games to freshen your mood. Here are 5 pixelated games for your PC that we personally found interesting, and you might too.


Mother Russia Bleeds

Do you enjoy classics like Street Fighter? Try Mother Russia Bleeds, an extreme fight game where you will wander in the grizzliest areas of the land. Fight huge jacked guys, hobos, pigs, dogs, and other even an enormous bear in a cage fight as you make your way. Choose from several different fighters with unique abilities. This game is strong, invigorating, and can easily become your favorite. You’ll travel through jail cells, sewer systems, train tracks, and other dark, violent places where you will need to watch your back. Beware of blood, arm-injected boosts, and strong punches, as well as a few mild jump-scares!

mother russia
Beat your opponents to a pulp.

Princess Remedy

This game is a casual play that you may enjoy if you like a nice aesthetic and challenging mini games. Explore the map as Princess Remedy, cure patients, find chests, and even date NPC’s of any gender for additional boosts. There is a fair share of interesting bosses that will keep you clicking faster. Though it is pixelated, this game holds a certain charm that is difficult to find in most newer styled releases. If you enjoy the nostalgic feeling of games like Mario Bros, consider playing Princess Remedy, and seeing how much of the village you can heal.

princess remedy
Heal everyone!


In-game pixel physics have been brought to a new, astonishingly good level with Carrion. Become the red villain as you play a huge, flesh eating monster that travels through a containment facility trying to escape. You will need to have a sharp eye for escape routes and the blood-thirst of a vampire to find your way. Eat humans with a dozen teeth, jerk apart doors with brute strength, and slither through small openings to completely infect the entire game.

Becoming a carnivorous monster has never been easier.

Pixel Dungeon

Pixel Dungeon is an all-time favorite which has been forgotten in recent years. Follow your tiny character through difficult levels as you fight off dungeon enemies and collect loot. Look for chests and sneak through pixel hallways. This kind of game can be considered a hallmark of the classics, and should definitely be on your list of games to try. With it’s cute style and simple appearance, you’ll be sure to enjoy yourself while still fighting to save your life.

pixel dungeon
How far into the dungeon will you get?

Dark Things

This is a story-horror game with a smooth, easy to look at artistic style and an intriguing plot. You could consider these pixels to be a bit of an eye candy! Follow Mr. Doe and various other characters along the way through ominous and well designed quests to uncover bits of the truth. You’ll feel a bit like a detective in this game, as you will investigate cases in beautiful locations and fight to find clues. This pixelated masterpiece has gone under-recognized by many, and you may be delighted to try it. Any mystery-horror game is a great addition to your collection, but Dark Things takes the cake.

dark things
A mysterious case of the missing pixels.

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Written by Emily Shadel