5 Reasons Anime Sequels Never Live Up To The Hype Of The Original

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Over the past few years, the loyal fan base of Anime has skyrocketed like any other. Say something terrible about Anime in public, and your life is in danger right away. It has gained popularity because of an endless list of reasons, the most important being the intriguing and almost satisfying plot that keeps you at the edge. And this is why fans are always waiting for a new Anime sequel to learn more about their favorite characters. However, this is not always a good news for Anime lovers who also read the stories. This is because they can find some crucial differences that, if not much, kill the fun to a reasonable extent. So why do anime sequels never live up to the hype?


Reason 1 – Things need to work on the screen. Writing narratives of two characters or an entire village is one thing and presenting the same on the big screen is different. Almost all the shows undergo a significant modification before they are converted into OTT series, resulting in trimming some parts that are core to a particular series. Anime can be pretty confusing at times, but it must not be on screen, or else it will lose the audience. Thus, it loses a sense of originality when converted to screens. 

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Reason 2 – An Effort to Recreate The Original. Sometimes the creators of an anime series can be quite stressed about how they bring back the beloved characters. And because of this, a lot of series fall into a loop and repetitive patterns that kill the fun. Many sequels tend to narrate a similar story but from a different point of view. This is true that many people can find a certain sort of comfort in this. But then a sequel must have its own independent story. 

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Reason 3 – The fans become their primary consideration. Creators never know how fans would react to a series. Thus when Anime sequels are produced, there is a major consideration of what fans would like to see. And thus, many times, things are turned so that they keep the heart of fans on the edge and give them a sense of relief. And sometimes, because of this, the focus on developing the original storyline and characters shifts and they lose the touch. 

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Reason 4 – The Can End Messing Up the Storyline. When a series is released, and fans are done watching it, there are numerous speculations about what will happen in the sequel. Though the creators have already fixed the storyline, it must not completely tarnish the original series. Many a time, it happens that the new series is something different from the previous ones. It is vital for creators to remember that audience is highly protective of their series characters and shows. Therefore, they must not do anything to jeopardize the same.

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Reason 5 – Anime Sequels take too long – The Gap! Sometimes, the next sequel is released after ages. And though it can expect good number of views, many people have already moved on. In such cases, the team also fails in recapturing the same magic as the first part of the series

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