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5 Reasons Doctor Strange Is Nowhere Near As Strong As DC’s Doctor Fate

5 Reasons Doctor Strange Is Nowhere Near As Strong As DCs Doctor Fate

DC’s Doctor Fate and Marvel’s Doctor Strange are quite similar in many respects. Both hold similar places in the DC and Marvel universes, respectively.  Doctor Strange has already made his debut in the MCU. He had parts in both, Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers: Endgame. The Doctor is the most powerful sorcerer in the Marvel Universe and has been protecting the world from all kinds of threats. On the other hand, in the DC universe, there is Doctor Fate. Doctor Fate has the Helmet of Nabu and has been protecting the world from threats, big and small, since the second world war.

With this similarity in the background, comparisons between the two are inevitable. Who is the stronger of the two? Who would prevail in a fight between the two? Well, we believe Doctor Fate has the upper hand. In fact, we list 5 reasons why Doctor Strange is nowhere near as strong as Doctor Fate.

1. Wealth Of Spells

Reasons Dr. Fate is Stronger than Dr. Strange
Dr. Fate, Casting a Spell

Nabu is a treasure trove of Spells, and he knows more of them than Dr. Strange does. It also helps that Nabu is a Lord of Order and has existed for thousands of years. This vast lifespan has brought a wealth of knowledge to Nabu, that far exceeded that of Dr. Strange. Furthermore, Dr. Fate has a Tower of Fate, which has no doors or windows and is filled with countless spellbooks. When otherwise not occupied in saving the world, Dr. Fate is said to be in the tower studying all those books, so he doesn’t need to depend on Nabu.

2. The All-Powerful Nabu!

Reasons Dr. Fate is Stronger than Dr. Strange
Dr. Fate with the Helmet of Nibu

Nabu is what sets the two Doctors apart. He is easily the single most important factor in this list. Nabu, as mentioned earlier, is a Lord of Order. One of a group of beings that maintain the balance of the universe and have near-infinite power. Dr. Strange has nothing that comes remotely close. The team of Nabu and Dr. Fate has been able to defeat many of the major threats the DC universe has faced to date, and the duo is poised to continue to do so.

3. Wealth Of Experience

Reasons Dr. Fate is Stronger than Dr. Strange

Dr. Fate has the Helmet of Nabu, in which Nabu himself resides. Nabu, a god-like being, has near-infinite power and can outmatch and outclass any foe that disturbed the peace in the DC universe. Further, Dr. Fate has been at work longer than Dr. Strange and has more experience than him. Together with Nabu’s extreme amount of experience, they are almost invincible. A far cry from the abilities of Dr. Strange. Experience is also where the two have a very wide gulf between their abilities. Dr. Strange is overwhelmingly outmatched by Dr. Fate in this regard, solely due to the presence of Nabu.

4. Dr. Fate Has Nabu

Reasons Dr. Fate is Stronger than Dr. Strange
Dr. Fate

Dr. Fate is not alone and has Dr. Nabu with him at all times in the form of the Helmet of Nabu. While Dr. Fate himself is no pushover and is a very powerful being in his own right, he has Nabu with him. Nabu with his Thousands of year-old life and near God-like power and abilities is a great ally to  Dr. Fate. An ally who virtually always tips the balance in Dr. Fate’s favor, no matter the opponent.

5. Dr. Fate Is Physically Stronger!

Reasons Dr. Fate is Stronger than Dr. Strange

Dr. Strange is practically useless without his spells. He has the power of an average human without the aid of his wizardry. This leaves him very vulnerable to threats and foes. Furthermore, the history of Dr. Strange tells us that he is not much of a fighter and completely relies on his spells to fight enemies. On the other hand, Dr. Fate has Nabu, who gives him amazing strength and power. While not the strongest in himself, he clearly trumps strange in this facet and displayed clear dominance across the board. After all, one can not rely solely on spells to fight enemies and physical strength and skill as a fighter are crucial when talking about an all-around superhero, which Dr. fate clearly is.

Written by Angad Singh

Angad is the Exclusive Editorials Head at FandomWire. Besides editing and writing duties, he procures material and manages the direction of our site's exclusive editorials. A lawyer by degree and a writer at heart, he prefers sleep over everything.