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5 Reasons Why COD Modern Warfare 3 Should Have Been Delayed

A delay wouldn't have hurt this much.

5 reasons why cod modern warfare 3 should have been delayed


  • Reasons why Modern Warfare 3 would have been better if delayed.
  • Several reports state that the game was rushed in development.
  • Modern Warfare is a DLC expansion rather than a standalone entry.

The latest entry in the popular Call of Duty franchise, Modern Warfare 3 has now been released. While the highly-anticipated title was expected to continue in the footsteps of the long-running franchise, filled with high-octane action and compelling single-player experience, Modern Warfare 3 has sadly disappointed all.

Modern Warfare 3 is one of the worst Call of Duty games released in years. Fans have called out developers for compromising the quality of the game for a quick release and even wished that if the game had been delayed, it might have been better. Below are the five reasons why Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 should have been delayed.

1. Development on Modern Warfare 3 Wouldn’t Have Been as Rushed

Modern Warfare 3 was rushed in development to make up for the delayed COD game from Treyarch.
Modern Warfare 3 was rushed in development to make up for the delayed COD game from Treyarch.

The popular first-person shooter franchise has always had a three-year cycle for the development of a mainline entry with Infinity Ward, Treyarch, and Sledgehammer Games taking turns working on a main installment in the Call of Duty series. However, there have been reports that Modern Warfare 3 development was rushed and the game was developed in only a year and a half.

The title was reportedly rushed as another Call of Duty game from Treyarch was delayed out of the 2023 release window and this year would have been one with no COD. Following this, the developers at Sledgehammer had to work nights and weekends to complete the game. There have also been reports that beginning with Modern Warfare 3, all upcoming games including new titles and sequels will be released in a two year development cycle.

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However, this claim was denied by Activision spokesperson, and Sledgehammer Studio Head Aaron Halon as well who claimed that the game “has been years in the making and anything said to the contrary is simply not true.” Nonetheless, Modern Warfare 3 still feels hollow despite having lots of content, making it something that it shouldn’t have been, and open-combat missions are no help.

2. Fans Would Have Had a Break From the Modern Warfare Characters and Setting

MW3 brings settings and characters from the previous Modern Warfare games.
MW3 brings settings and characters from the previous Modern Warfare games with minor changes.

Modern Warfare 3 is set after the events of Modern Warfare 2 and its post-launch, bringing classic maps and characters from original Modern Warfare games. And that’s not all, as the game also allows players to use the weapons from last year’s Modern Warfare 2, making it a “true” sequel. The campaign takes the story of MW2 further and also introduces some new content for multiplayer.

But not all Call of Duty players are fans of this, as some of them wished Modern Warfare 3, which takes place in a modern setting, would bring something different than the same old content year after year.


Sledgehammer could have taken the advantage, had Modern Warfare 3 been delayed and the developers could have worked on something more promising and interesting with new characters and a storyline that takes place in a new location.

The developers could have done justice with the characters’ arcs had they had more time to work with care than rushing carelessly.

3. The Team Could Have Written a More Compelling Campaign

Modern Warfare 3 has been heavily criticized for its lazy and hollow campaign.
Modern Warfare 3 has been heavily criticized for its lazy and hollow campaign.

Most of the criticism and hate that Modern Warfare 3 is getting is directed at its lackluster and hollow single-player campaign, letting down players who feel betrayed after being so hyped for the title. The original Modern Warfare 3 was also criticized and labeled as the worst of the trilogy and the latest title only enhances the feeling.

Fans and critics alike are less than impressed with the single-player campaign that is both short and has an underwhelming storyline. The campaign feels like it was rushed for new gameplay experiences and uses the same maps in several missions. This only makes it feel repetitive and causes players to lose any interest in continuing. The campaign is only 3-5 hours long compared to the ones in previous titles, which are usually 5- 8 hours in length.

Fans have also expressed their anger for how the characters were given underdeveloped arcs and stories that don’t let their full potential shine. All of this could have been avoided had the team of developers been given a little more time to think and reflect as to what they would like to do to make the concept more compelling and attractive to players.

4. It Would Be More Politically Appropriate

The game seems to have a political reference but does not make any such statement.
The game seems to have a political reference but does not make any such statement.

Modern Warfare games have always somehow added political texture in the equation to their high-octane action and violence, and Modern Warfare 3 only continues that tradition. Modern Warfare 3 brings Vladimir Makarov, a Russian ultranationalist as the villain in the game. The antagonist is looking to start a world war through a massacre, which he will blame on someone who has no involvement with any of this.

It is later known that a Russian billionaire has been helping Makarov and his private army to take his terror to something that’s never seen before. This is being connected to the Russia-Ukraine conflict, which it certainly might not be as the game is a mix of fiction and reality and steers clear of making any statements or doing something that might hint at the latter.

This wouldn’t feel to players that they know something like this if Sledgehammer had not rushed the game and would have taken an extra amount of time to work on original ideas and theories to take the thrill and adventure of Modern Warfare 3 to higher levels.

5. It Would Not Feel Like a DLC Expansion, Rather Than a Standalone Entry

Modern Warfare 3 feels lore like a DLC than a full release.
Modern Warfare 3 feels more like a DLC than a full release.

One of the biggest reasons behind Modern Warfare 3 is that it feels like a DLC expansion, rather than a “full release.” As mentioned before, the game was pushed to make up for the delayed Treyarch’s Call of Duty game. Modern Warfare 3 was first pitched to be a DLC expansion to Modern Warfare 2, but soon was being developed as a standalone entry.


However, Activision and Sledgehammer have said that it was going to be a “premium game” from the start. Nonetheless, the claims will not change how the game feels and that is nothing more than an expansion pack.

The story only feels like an expansion of the Modern Warfare 2 campaign instead of an original. The 15-minute missions seem to serve no purpose, and you even get rewarded for completing missions in shorter duration. Isn’t that a DLC to you?

Players find themselves doing random things just for the story to progress with no proper outcome, and you do not even feel like you’re progressing further. The game was ambitious, but couldn’t double down with efforts that would have made the game better. It would have been acceptable had the title been delayed for a few months, or even a year, if that’s what it took to deliver a proper game that leaves a lasting impact on players.

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