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5 Reasons Why Mario Party 1 Was the Best Party Game of the 90s


The Mario Party franchise is one of the most famous in the world, getting its start in 1992, and instantly became an international sensation lasting decades.

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MP1 Cover
Mario Party 1’s Box Art ©Nintendo


Mario Party 1 is a hit party game featuring six fan-favorite characters to choose from. The gameplay resembles that of a traditional board game and has classic characters race to the end. The player can choose from six different board game maps, themed after each of the playable characters.  This hit game includes multiplayer compatibility, and up to four people can play together. Lastly, the amount of turns the gameplay will last before establishing a winner is interchangeable. Although this game was released in 1998, it’s still a classic fan favorite for many people.

mario party n64 superstar 720x530 1
Mario Party’s Victory Screen ©Nintendo


Over the years, Mario Party 1 has been given many favorable reviews. Many critics decided that this hit game is more enjoyable when played with friends or other people through its multiplayer option. Although being multiplayer doesn’t bring up the amount of enjoyment, the spark of competition when playing with others is. Whether you’re screaming at, or cheering for your friends, it gives the game life. The majority of reviews on this classic are all given high ratings, ranging from 5/5 to 7.9/10. 

s l640
Mario Party 1’s Cartridge ©Nintendo


Despite its early release, this classic game’s popularity has been skyrocketing ever since its release. As of December 2014, 39.6 million copies of this fan-favorite have been sold. This hit game series holds the record for the longest-running minigame series due to its popularity. Its popularity has led to the release of multiple sequels. Throughout the years, the game series hasn’t lost its range in popularity and continues to provide entertainment for many video game fans. Although the frequency of sequels led to the criticism against the games “not being original”, the game was still immensely popular, and another release is scheduled for October 2021. 

Mario Party title
Mario Party 1’s Title Screen ©Nintendo


The graphics for this hit game are more advanced than its predecessors in the gaming industry. With high-quality 3D graphics, Mario Party keeps its players engaged in the game. The graphics include high-quality and vibrant coloration, as well as shading. The game includes many different variations of graphic styles for many of the different segments in it. Games released 1-2 years before Mario Party 1 didn’t have as high-quality 3D graphics, making this game’s graphics advanced. Throughout the years, Nintendo’s game graphics have improved significantly every year, but the leap made to Mario Party 1’s graphics was the most significant. 

maxresdefault 7
Mario’s Rainbow Castle ©Nintendo


Many different aspects of Mario Party 1 differ from other video games of its era. With its competitive multiplayer options and board game-like gameplay and graphics, the representation is more innovative than other games of its era. The game has multiple mini-games, characters, boards, and settings. When compared to other games of its time, Mario Party 1 has many innovative features, and is overall more advanced than other games of its time, proving its superiority in the franchise. 

DK27s Jungle Adventure Map
DK’s Jungle Adventure ©Nintendo


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Written by Trinity Fulkroad