5 Reasons Why Superman Returns Was One of the Worst Video Games From Warner Bros

Superman Returns was a brave attempt by Warner Bros. and EA but ultimately it is a miserably failed superhero video game.

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  • The Superhero genre is one of the most common genres in video games, and it is also one of most sought after genre, especially with the release of Marvel's Spider-Man 2.
  • Even though there are numerous great games in the superhero genre, it still carries the bad name of producing few of the worst games of all-time with Superman Returns being one of those terrible games.
  • Superman Returns was based on a movie of the same name released in 2006, and it was developed by Warner Bros. and EA, but bombed at first launch due to terrible graphics, no variety in missions, the open-world feature is not explored properly, etc.
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The world of video games is vast. One can spend their whole life but won’t be able to finish every video game. There are several genres of video games. One of the popular genres is the one with superheroes. No one wants to leave the experience of playing as our favorite, and with Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 breaking records, this genre has had some of the best video games of all time.

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Even though the superhero is one of the most successful genres in video games, it also happens to be one with the most failures. If people were to look back a decade, they would find several failed superhero games. One of those video games of the failed superhero genre is Superman Returns. The game was released in 2006 and could not bring justice to Man of Steel’s name. There were several reasons for its failure. Here are five of the reasons why Superman Returns failed miserably.


5. Underwhelming Graphics

unsatisactory graphics
Unsatisfactory Graphics

Superman Returns was released in 2006. The graphics of video games were going through a transitional period. The gaming world was becoming more advanced with high-definition pictures and smooth gameplay. But Superman Returns had nothing of those features. The graphics were terrible, and there is no sugarcoating it.

Man of Steel is one of the strongest characters in DC Comics, and people would like to experience it to the fullest. But unfortunately, it did not happen. Superman Returns will remain one of the worst superhero games ever, solely for its bad graphics.


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4. There Was No Variety In Missions

Superman Returns Have The same Kind of Missions
Superman Returns Has The Same Kind of Missions

Superman is treated as a God, so naturally, people expect him to face several strong adversaries. But Superman Returns did nothing of that. The same type of missions were being repeated. There was no innovation and no joy in it after a while. As the levels increase, the tasks will become difficult with stronger adversaries with variety among them. Superman Returns had nothing of those. The side missions were only saving cats.


3. Game Gets Over Randomly

game stops abruptly
Superman Returns Ends Abruptly

When the weather is calm, it generally indicates a storm. The same technique was used in Superman Returns. When there is nothing to do, and the player breaks sound barriers with Superman and enjoys his time, sudden enemies will ruin the fun. Random enemies and disasters will pop up, and Superman has to deal with them quickly. If he takes more time, the game will automatically get over.

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2. Man of Steel Is Invulnerable in Superman Returns

superman is invulnerable - Superman Returns
Superman Is Invulnerable

Superman is indestructible in Superman Returns. Instead of giving Superman health, the game developers have Metropolis a health bar. Metropolis is the city in which Clark Kent/ Superman lives. This gives the enemies a lot of scope to destroy Metropolis. Instead of focusing on a single point (Superman), they rampage throughout the city. Due to the enlargement of the target, it becomes difficult for the player to finish everyone in one go.

1. Open-World Metropolis Does Not Live Up To Its Name

unexplored open world
Unexplored Open World

Superman Returns is an open-world game. But it could not live up to its name. Metropolis is one of the important cities of DC Comics and has a lot to offer. But EA and Warner Bros. failed to bring it out. The open-world feature was in name only, with nothing to explore in the city.


The only fun that one can have while playing the video game is flying Superman. Since it was based on a movie, there was little that the developers could do. There is no sign of Kryptonite either. If it was there, Superman might have been given a health bar.

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