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5 Reasons Why The Uchihas Were Better Than The Senjus

Naruto, through its run, has introduced us to a number of clans. Each of them has its own strengths and abilities. Some of them have visual abilities while others own a powerful life force and chakra. But through the history of the Shinobi world, two clans have had a long rivalry and proved that they are the strongest of them all. They are the Senju clan and the Uchiha clan. The Senju are the descendants of Asura which gives them the ability to master a wide variety of Jutsu. While The Uchiha are the descendants of Indra which gives them Hagomoro’s eyes, giving them the Sharingan and special chakra. The battle of who’s better Uchihas or the Senjus is left unanswered by Masashi Kishimoto. But the Sharingan and its abilities give Uchihas an upper hand. Here are a few reasons Uchihas were better than Senju.

1. Uchihas can Cast Kotoamatsukami

Uchihas can cast Kotoamatsukami
Uchihas can cast Kotoamatsukami

Among the most powerful abilities of the Sharingan user is Kotoamastsukami. It is a powerful mind-controlling genjutsu. Genjutsu is a type of Jutsu that can capture the victim in an illusion. But with Kotoamatsukami, a Sharingan user could control the victim’s mind and it is so subtle that the victim would never realize they’re being controlled. This is the Jutsu Shishui Uchiha wanted to use and control the minds to stop the war Uchihas were planning against the Leaf Village. But he couldn’t because Danzo took his eye. Itachi used this ability to free himself from Kabuto’s control.

2. The Eternal Flames – Amaterasu

The Eternal Flames - Amaterasu
The Eternal Flames – Amaterasu

One of the biggest strengths that the Mangekyou Sharingan user had was Amaterasu. It is a black flame that does go out till it has burned the object or person it was cast at. Only the user can extinguish it. It is one of the strongest fire Jutsus in Naruto. Itachi and Sasuke are seen using the ability quite a few times in Naruto. But it seems to take a toll on the user as well.

3. Uchihas can create a Dimension

Uchihas can create a Dimension
Uchihas can create a Dimension

In the anime, we have seen Obito Uchiha create dimensions using his Mangekyo Sharingan. Though only Obito is shown to be able to use this ability. But it could be a strength of any Mangekyu Sharingan user. This allows the user to travel through space as they please. Obito also used his ability to trap his enemies into his dimension and use it to his advantage in battle. The only way to get in and out of the space seemed to be his eyes.

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4. They can use Izanami

They can use Izanami
They can use Izanami

The creation of illusion is one of the biggest perks of a Sharingan, and a Sharingan user can also easily see through them. Apart from Kotoamatsukami and Sukiyomi, there were two other illusions Izanagi and Izanami. And Izanami is one of the most powerful ones of them. It traps the victim in an infinite loop and remains trapped for as long as the Jutsu is cast. Izanami is used to torture the victim. It can counteract Izanagi.

5. Uchihas can control the Tailed Beasts

Uchihas can control the Tailed Beasts
Uchihas can control the Tailed Beasts

One of the biggest abilities of the Uchihas is that they can control the tailed beasts. Though the Uzumaki clan can trap the tailed beast with the seals but Uchihas can use the Sharingan to control the tailed beasts. That is how Obito controlled Kurama to attack the Village Hidden in the Leaf, the day Naruto was born. In the past, Madara too had used his Mangekyu Sharingan to control the tailed beast.

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