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5 Retro PC Games That Changed PC Gaming Forever

5 Retro PC Games That Changed PC Gaming Forever

These retro games came out at the cusp of early game development for PC, and laid out the path for the gaming we know today. You may remember some, but others may be new. Either way, here are 5 retro PC games that changed the world.



We’ve discussed Doom in other articles, but Doom continues to be one of the most influential franchises out there. Although it was created in 1993, you can now play it almost everywhere online or on any site. This game is the father of all FPS shooters on PC and gaming consoles alike. This game was one of the first to come out with outstanding 3D graphics and an awesome game-play full of sci-fi weapons and enemies. You can thank this game for modeling the ideal shooter game for the decades that would follow.

Shortly followed up by Quake.

Grim Fandango

This was a dorky and fun adventure game which was first rendered in 3D in 1998. Follow Calvera through the world of the undead and solve puzzles on your way. It was extremely helpful in the development of other adventure games, particularly for PC’s. It featured a fun story and great characters, and you can now find a 2014 remastered version if you wish to play. Although some may not be familiar with it, it’s good to note it’s influence on modern gaming.

He has a pretty hilariously shaped head.

Resident Evil 2

Ah, the original Resident Evil releases. This game was a first-time release in all 3D. There is now a RE2 remake that has been released, hoping to bring back the memories of the game and create the same nostalgic feeling. This was the beginning of the Resident Evil Franchise and we cannot thank it enough for solidifying the zombie-shooter concept into modern-day FPS.

Leon S. Kennedy and Claire Redfield


Myst was a fun play developed in the 90’s, which quickly became a best seller and one of the most played games for the next 10 years after its release. It is a simple puzzle game and helped establish a bar for adventure games. It was loved for its sounds, design, and overall feel, although some players did not particularly like the gameplay.

Mystical backdrops can be found here.


This was essentially a follow-up after Doom, and surprised players with fancy new 3D graphics. IT had significant improvements and jump-started other games that would soon follow after that. This one is set in a gothic-medieval playscape and was the first to offer multiplayer maps. This game, as well as Doom soon became a franchise, and you are now able to play the modern counterparts on Steam.

Quake’s bloodshed is like no other.

Star Wars: TIE Fighters

One of the best-known original Star War games, this release offered players a somewhat realistic space-combat simulator based on the Star Wars universe. It helped give players the option to strategize, and allowed future games to expand on these methods of game-play. It is known as a great start-up to the beginning of a massive industry. Since 1994, this game now has a remastered version available on Steam for $10, so you are able to re-experience the nostalgia.

star wars
TIE fighters offered players the unique opportunity to simulate flying through space.


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Written by Emily Shadel