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Yes, Disney Plus is great because you can now watch all of your favorite classic animated, enjoy all the Avengers movies whenever and wherever you want and binge watch the Star Wars saga. But what’s even better is that, if you’re a fan of all things “behind the scenes”, if you love seeing how movies and series are made,  if you’re a collector, or even if you’re just looking for inspiration,  Disney got you covered. Here are five shows you need to watch on Disney Plus if you feel like nerding out a little at the end of your day.

Dan Lanigan, the host of “Prop Culture” is a prop collector who travels the world to collect props, accessories, bits of movies sets and to visit the archives of the biggest movies ever made. The show is composed of  8 episodes of about 30 minutes each.  From Mary Poppins to Who Framed Roger Rabbit and Pirates of the Caribbean, Dan Lanigan goes behind the scenes in search for cinema treasures.  A second season is in the work and Dan already has some ideas for the next movies he would love to work on:  Raiders of the Lost Ark,  Hocus Pocus, Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, Pete’s Dragon…
Dan Lanigan sees this show as a real opportunity and declared to Disinsider “The platform that Disney has given us has allowed us to share the love of these movies through these props and talk to the people who are, in a lot of ways, the stars of these movies. They are the ones who are making these amazing worlds and making the movies come together. It’s a good way to educate people on how the process of making movies works and in a fun way and also in a way that puts light on the people who us collectors respect. It allows more people to realize who they are and this crazy process that you have to go through when you make a movie.”  Well Dan, you’ve got the real dream job!
If you ‘re a Star Wars fan , if you absolutely loved The Mandalorian and if you’re missing the adorable little green face of ‘The Child’, then you should probably watch “Disney Gallery: The Mandalorian.” This docuseries focuses on the manking of the hit show. The first season (maybe we’ll have a second one soon?) is divided into 8 episodes. Each episode focuses on a specific area of the making of the series:  Directing, Cast, Tecnology. There even is an episode  called ‘Score’ that reveals how Ludwig Göransson (who won his first Emmy Award this week for Outstanding Music Composition for a series).  This show if really interesting and very well made if you want to know all the secrets behind  your favorite  show  and more gerally if you want to know how cinema and television magic is made. You can enjoy this docuseries with your friends or with your kids during a cosy night in as you teach them the beauty of the cinema industy. This is the way.
Are you a musical kid? Ah good, neither am I. And yet, you should definetely check out Encore!  on Disney Plus.  Although Encore! is more of a reality tv show format, it is hilarious and sort of nostalgic to watch if you’re a fan of Disney Classics ormusicals. Actress and executive producer Kristen Bell reunites former high school students to re create the high school musicals they starred in when they were younger. The first season has 12 episodes of around 50 to 55 minutes each. From Beauty and the Beast to The sound of Music and Grease, ENCORE! is an hommage to musicals and pop culture.  Kristin Bell told The Sun Toronto that for her,  Encore!  is “about going back in time without the labels that were given to you in high school. We have characters that make amends, who say, ‘I’m sorry.’ We have characters that rekindle love after all these years, others who come out of the closet, and some who are able to be who they were”. (…)  It’s unscripted, but I would not be a part of it if it wasn’t wholeheartedly positive.”
After all, we all need a bit of positivity these days and watching Encore! could be one of the best decision you make this week.


For your daily dose of inspiration, I give you “The Marvel Hero Project”. This show is about highlighitng young kids and teenagers who are the true real life  heroes. Each and everyone of them have dedicated their time to defend a great cause or initiated some pretty amazing projects. The first season has 20 episodes of around 25 minutes each. Each episode focuses on different kids who will see their efforts to make a better world rewarded by Marvel, with their very own special comic book, as they become part of the of the “Marvel’s hero project”.
Meet “Mighty Rebekah” who’s “on a mission to shield LGBTQ youth from hate”.  Encouter “Spectacular Sidney” who “empowers other boys, encouraging literacy and bring(s) awareness to African American stories.” Tag along “Superior Salvador” while he “distributes solar-powered lamps to families in Puerto Rico affected by Hurricane Maria”. And let’s not forget “Genius Gitangali” who “creates tools that benefits others, inventing a device to test for contaminants in water”.  If you’re lacking of hope and faith in humanity today, I can’t recommend you enough to watch the Marvel Hero Project.
I don’t know about you, but I love Pixar. And I love laughing. And if you do too, Pixar’s in Real Life is for you. This series takes place in New York and it brings out iconic charatcers  from Pixar movies  in everyday life’s situations. There  are 11 episodes of about 5 minutes each. Eleven episodes of cheerful and happy content. This format kinda feels like Hiden Cameras Pranks videos, except that these Pixar videos needed a much higher budget. From Wall E surprising  people  going by in the streets of New York, to Merida visiting an archery range in Long Island and to one of my personal favorite, Monsters, Inc.: Laugh Energy  where people get to try out ‘monster technology to generate electricity form laughs and screams’, this shows is here to unleash your inner child.
Make sure to check out these shows and if you have already seen them, let us know in the comments which is your favorite!