5 Shows To Watch if You Like Bridgerton

Bridgerton is shattering all records in streaming history, confirming that Regency-era romances are popular. On December 25, all eight episodes of the series were released on Netflix. Given the show’s popularity, however, many viewers may have already binge-watched the entire season in one go. Thus, if you enjoyed Bridgerton and are seeking more windswept, dressed romances in English country locations, here is a list of shows to watch:

1. Alias Grace by Mary Harron

A show to watch if you enjoyed Bridgerton.
Canadian television miniseries, based on Margaret Atwood’s 1996 novel of the same name.

The series follows Grace Marks, an Irish migrant who comes to Canada and begins working as a domestic helper in a family. Things become more problematic when she is suspected of killing her boss and housekeeper and is found guilty. The series covers all of the recorded details of the murder and depicts the lead after 15 years in prison in real life. This one has the ability to hook you if you enjoy drama stories based on true events.

2. Anne with an ‘E’ by Moira Walley-Beckett

Other TV shows like Bridgerton
Canadian TV series loosely adapted from Lucy Montgomery’s classic children’s literature, Anne of Green Gables.

This Canadian series was one of Netflix‘s best dramas. As a surprise, when Netflix opted not to extend it for season 4, many viewers were dismayed. Anne With an E is based on Lucy Maud Montgomery’s renowned novel Anne of Green Gables. Anne, an orphaned girl with a horrific history that affects her present experiences, is the protagonist of the show.  The story follows Anne, trying to make her way in the world in the 1890s until she is accidentally transferred to Prince Edward Island to stay with Marilla and Matthew Cuthbert.

3. The Great by Tony McNamara

TV shows to watch if you liked Bridgerton.
Comedy-drama TV series loosely based on the rise to power of Catherine the Great, Empress of Russia.

An American production that also released in 2020, this fictionalized period comedy-drama by Hulu stars Elle Fanning as Catherine the Great, the longest-reigning female ruler in Russia. If you enjoy monarchy drama and a nice dose of humour with a splash of girl power, this Emmy-nominated show will definitely be worth watching for you.

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4. Harlots by Moira Buffini

TV shows that are like Bridgerton
Period drama TV series inspired by The Covent Garden Ladies by British historian Hallie Rubenhold.

Harlots is a series that should be on your radar since it has just as much drama as Bridgerton and considerably hotter romance. The story follows a brothel owner and her two children as they shift their brothel to a fancy London neighbourhood. By so doing, they come face to face with a rival who offers a high-end brothel facilities. Harlots create an interesting impression in the entertainment sector, normalising sex employment, placed in this rivalry.

5. Downtown Abbey

TV shows similar to Bridgerton
British historical drama television series set in the early 20th century.

Downton Abbey is a historical drama that chronicles the Crawley household from the Titanic disaster to the outbreak of WWII. Lady Mary Crawley, the Crawley family’s eldest daughter, is under enormous pressure to marry in order to retain the family’s riches. The Crawleys must adjust to the changing, modern age as time passes. Downton Abbey tackles serious issues like death, infidelity, debt, and warfare, among others.

Written by Alfeeya Pathan

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