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5 Spider-Man Villains Wolverine Can Defeat (& 5 He Will Lose To)

In the Marvel Universe, there’s hardly any character who would voluntarily put up a fight against the Wolverine. Standing at just 5″3, Wolverine’s short stature is compensated by his insane regenerative ability, feral fighting skills, and his infamous berserker mode.

One of the most prominent members of the X-Men, Wolverine has carved a name for himself as one of the most vicious heroes of Marvel Universe. Despite fighting against evil, the Wolverine has often shown questionable morality when it comes to punishing the villains. His enhanced strength, adamantium skeleton, and the ability to attack stealthily has mowed down hundreds of villains in the most ruthless manner. The ones who have lived to tell the tale hesitate to go against him, lest face an agonizing death.

The unkillable mutant never backs down from a fight. Interestingly, this attitude might land him against the villains from the friendly-neighbourhood Spider-Man‘s rogue gallery. The chance to defeat the famous Wolverine is a golden opportunity which Spider-Man’s villains would never miss. Let’s see which famous Spider-Man’s villain will be mowed down by the mutant and the list of villains Wolverine should avoid.

10. Win Against: Kraven the Hunter

Sergei Kravinoff aka Kraven the Hunter has one mission on his mind: to kill Spider-Man and become the greatest hunter in the world. Kraven is an enhanced human as he ingests unnamed herbs to augment his strength, regeneration, agility, senses, and durability. A master hunter, his ultra instincts to sniff out stealth attacks make him a dangerous foe to Spider-Man.

Yet, the greatest hunter of Marvel is undoubtedly Wolverine. Only one of the few characters who has been able to infiltrate Wakanda without getting noticed, Wolverine’s stealth is unmatched. In any setting, Wolverine would shred Kraven to pieces, owing to his superior regeneration, invincible adamantium claws, and years of experience.

9. Lose To: Morlun

One of the lesser-known members of Spider-Man’s rogue gallery, Morlun has been able to defeat Spider-Man before. Morlun can punch through a net of adamantium, and that’s bad news for Wolverine.

Morlun is a psychic vampire who feeds on his enemies’ life force which makes him even stronger. His special preference for animal-related powers makes Wolverine a special target. It’s best for Wolverine to avoid this fight lest he gets hunted down.

8. Win Against: The Vulture

Adrian Toomes aka The Vulture is an iconic Spider-Man villain. As a member of the Sinister Six, The Vulture has been a major menace for the young superhero. His vulture harness allows him to fly silently and attack stealthily. The harness also augments his strength.

Despite his flight and tech-harness, the Vulture is no match for Logan. Adrian Toomes’ age puts him in a disadvantage as Wolverine can easily outlast him in an endurance battle. And once he gets hold of Toomes, it’s game over.

7. Lose To: Venom

Venom is a sentient alien symbiote who is a recurring nightmare for Spider-Man. When bonded with a human host, the Venom becomes a force of nature. The Venom’s super-speed, strength, endurance, and his ability to create weapons out of its body make him a formidable foe against Spider-Man.

In a fight against Logan, the Venom might just win marginally. Despite Logan’s enhanced speed, he cannot keep up against an unleashed Venom. The Venom’s ability to morph easily makes him even more dangerous. This round goes to the Venom, marginally.

6. Win Against: Kingpin

Kingpin is the major antagonist of Daredevil. But later, he has also become another headache for Spider-Man as they operate in the city of New York. Without any superpowers, Kingpin is still a formidable foe for both Spider-Man and Daredevil.

A humongous man, Kingpin is usually underestimated for his size. But, what seems like fat is pure muscle and his punches are quite lethal even for enhanced superheroes. His deceptive strength has been able to hurt both Spider-Man and Daredevil on numerous occasions. Yet, when it comes Wolverine, even his hardened muscles are no match for Wolvie’s Adamantium claws. One slash, rest in peace.

5. Lose To: Carnage

An off-shoot of Venom, Carnage is much more powerful than both Spider-Man and Venom combined. Bonded to the serial killer Cletus Kassidy, Carnage is much more vicious and sadistic than its parent, Venom. Having the same abilities that of Spider-Man and Venom, Carnage cannot be detected by Spider-Man’s spider-sense.

Against Wolverine, Carnage will go out guns blazing. Even Logan’s berserker mode would not help him win against Carnage as the symbiote outclasses the mutant in almost every way possible. Unless Wolvie has Cyclops providing assistance, it’s just going to be a gore show with Logan losing at the end.

4. Win Against: Green Goblin

Green Goblin is an unhinged madman who wreaks havoc frequently. His Goblin Formula also provides him with superior regeneration. Having genius intellect, the Green Goblin uses a special glider to move and attack Spider-Man.

Despite being a madman with deadly technological gadgets, a fight against Wolverine would be suicide. Logan’s unmatched healing combined with his hand-to-hand combat can easily overwhelm the Goblin. And, the Green Goblin might be unhinged, but let’s not forget Wolvie going unhinged and unleashing his Berserker mode.

3. Lose To: Sandman

Sandman’s unique ability to manipulate sand into both offensive and defensive measures make him an extremely difficult villain to defeat. His ability to use sand and earth to create offensive weapons is another aspect one needs to keep in mind while battling him.

Wolverine’s adamantium claws can cut through most things, but his attacks are futile against the sand. The only way Wolvie can emerge victorious if he is able to displace large amounts of sand by rapid slashing and finding the one grain of sand which has Sandman’s consciousness. The chances are minuscule, hence this round goes to Sandman.

2. Win Against: Lizard

Dr. Curtis Connors aka Lizard is not exactly a truly evil villain of Spider-Man. Dr. Curtis and Lizard have a Dr. Hyde and Mr. Jekyll like relation where the Lizard occasionally spurts out to wreak havoc. When in the form of Lizard, Connors gets enhanced strength, regeneration, telepathic control over nearby reptiles, and vicious nails and a tail which he uses as an offensive measure.

Spider-Man usually holds back while fighting the Lizard, knowing his condition. But, that won’t be the case with Wolverine who is as ruthless as the Lizard. His claws and superior animal-instincts can sniff out the reptilian monster and finish him off even before his regenerative powers kick in.

1. Lose To: Doctor Octopus

The greatest villain of Spider-Man, Doctor Octopus is the founder of the Sinister Six. His genius intellect is rivalled only by the likes of Tony Stark, Charles Xavier, and Mister Fantastic. As an inventor, he uses mechanical appendages and arms which grants him super-strength, speed, and durability.

His arms and appendages were created out of Adamantium once which can subdue Logan. Even without Adamantium, Doctor Octopus’ speed is much superior to Logan’s. His telepathically controlled arms can restrain Wolvie and knock him out. As a brilliant strategist, Doc Ock outclasses Wolvie, and hence considered as the most persisting and dangerous foe of Spider-Man. Unless Wolvie manages to slash all of his arms in quick succession, there’s no chance for him to win against Doctor Octopus.

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