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5 Superheroes Who Love Dogs and 5 Who Are Cat Lovers

Superheroes are some of the loneliest people despite being surrounded by thousands who love and worship them. Almost all of them have sacrificed a normal life, the chance of being in love or having a family in order to protect mankind. So, it’s no surprise that they like coming back home to a furry friend. The heroes and their little companions mean the world to each other. Some of them are cat-lovers while some like the warmth of dogs. They are the only source of paws-ivity in their lives. Find out the 5 superheroes who love dogs and 5 who love cats.


Supergirl is not the only family of Kal-El on Earth. The son of Krypton has a canine friend who belongs to the same home planet. This Kryptonian dog is named Krypto the Superdog. Just like Supes, Krypto’s senses and abilities are also amplified by the presence of the yellow sun.

Captain Marvel

Captain Marvel is relentless and courageous on the battleground. Even her strongest foes know better than provoking this fierce bomb. In personal life, Carol Danvers likes to chill with her kitty named Chewie. She is a Flerkin and shares many similarities with Goose from the MCU. This makes Chewie unique as she can accompany Carol into space.

Kamala Khan

Kamala Khan is a teenager from New Jersey who goes by the name Ms. Marvel to follow her idol, Captain Marvel’s footsteps. She became an Inhuman after being exposed to Terrigen Mist. Even though Kamala found inspiration in Carol Danvers, she never had any hero to guide her with the powers. Her biggest support system was Lockjaw, a dog who could teleport.


When Supergirl is not fighting villains, she likes to spend time with her cute little friend. She might be one of the most powerful heroes who can lift planes and throw detonating punches, but she is not so different from any girl or boy. Supergirl shares an adorable and endearing relationship with a cat named, Streaky the Supercat.


Contrary to popular belief, Batman’s best friend is neither bat nor Robin. His most constant companion has been Ace the Bat-Hound. Ace has been in the DC comics since the ‘50s and was introduced to the screen later on “Batman Beyond”.

Bucky Barnes

Bucky’s struggles often get overshadowed by the plight of other Avengers. He nearly died after falling from a train into an icy gorge, got abducted by HYDRA, endured painful experiments and was brainwashed to kill innocents as the Winter Soldier. When things finally started moving in his direction, Bucky was hit by the loss of his best friend Captain America aka Steve Rogers. Now all he has is his cat named Alpine. He never lets it get away from his sight and literally keeps it close to his heart.


Hawkeye’s canine friend, Lucky the Pizza Dog, has become a celebrity in the Marvel comics. Fans really enjoy reading about his adventures and pizza missions. If you ask about his favourites, he is a lot closer to Kate Bishop and loves pizzas. Some Marvel issues have solely been dedicated to Lucky and his missions.

Damian Wayne

It is understandable why Bruce Wayne and Talia al Ghul’s poor son, Damien would be the closest to the butler, Alfred. His kind and wise nature make him no less than a grandfather/father-like figure to Damien. So, the little boy named his cat, the next closest thing to him, after Alfred.

Green Arrow

We are not surprised to learn that Oliver Queen is an animal lover. He used to be a callous billionaire brat who turned into a completely new person after a traumatic experience. The new Oliver was a closed book who cared about others but never revealed his pain. He confides in very few souls and one of them is his dog, George. This rescue animal is often called Arrow Dog or Arrow Wolf. He has followed Green Arrow to many fights and saved his life more than once.


Can you guess if Catwoman is a dog-person or a cat-person? Batman’s frequent ally obviously finds her spirit animal in cats. Even before becoming Catwoman, she always displayed affinity towards her street cats. She also has a pet cat named Isis.



Written by Ipshita Barua