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5 Things To Expect From Moon Knight Season Finale

Will Moon Knight’s finale be rewarding? Many Marvel fans are asking themselves this question right now. The launch of Moon Knight Episode 5 on Disney+ has sparked a lot of discussion among Marvel fans over what happened in “Asylum.” Fans are concerned, though, about how much appears to be left unfinished in the series, with only one episode remaining to tie everything up properly. Here are 5 things we predict will happen in Moon Knight Episode 6 to help with the anticipation:

1. The third persona reveals itself:

Makers teasing Jake Lockley in Moon Knight.
Makers teasing Jake Lockley in Moon Knight.

If you aren’t acquainted with Moon Knight’s comic book stories, you are likely to have overlooked the show’s indications regarding a third identity. Jake Lockley has been inexplicably missing while we’ve gotten to know much about Marc Spector and Steven Grant. Jake, a New York cab driver who acts as Marc’s eyes and ears on the streets, appears to be a fiery character on the page. Moon Knight, on the other hand, appears to be laying the groundwork for him to become the hero’s most vicious and deranged personality. He wants out of that sarcophagus, and we have a feeling he’ll be another stumbling block for Marc and Steven in that institution.

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2. All three personalities merge and leave Khonshu:

Moon Knight Egyptian God Khonshu
Egyptian God Khonshu.

The Ennead has Khonshu imprisoned, but footage from the forthcoming episode suggests that Marc Spector will reclaim his suit and superhuman abilities. We assume the three personas will combine after Marc, Steven, and Jake realize they’re more powerful as a team. They will then resurrect the Moon Knight, making him more powerful than ever. While the MCU’s version of Khonshu isn’t as evil as his comic book counterpart, we suspect he’ll be eliminated, either by Marc or as a tactic to put an end to Harrow’s reign of terror. Moon Knight may then become his own hero in this realm without being bound by Khonshu’s rules.

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3. Marc and Layla reconcile:

Layla from Moon Knight.
Layla from Moon Knight.

When Layla found out that Marc was present the moment her father died, she was distraught. She was, however, very upset when Marc was killed by Arthur. Will she be able to forgive Marc for not informing her of her father’s truth earlier? Maybe.  Healing is the overriding concept of this story. We don’t think Layla and Marc will ever be the same, but their love for each other is undeniable. There’s still a huge amount of mending to be done. However, on this front, Layla may choose to forgive Marc.

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4. A lot of action sequences:

Moon Knight director Mohamed Diab.
Moon Knight director Mohamed Diab.

This pointer isn’t so much a prediction as it is a hint, as  Moon Knight director Mohamed Diab has himself guaranteed it. Diab discussed why he’s convinced it’ll be a satisfactory conclusion to the storyline in a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly. “I feel it is. There are some surprises. I think the audience deserves a big action sequence, but it’s more than that. It has some twists and turns,” he added.

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5. A post-credit scene about another Marvel Disney+ series:

Moon Knight episode 6 predictions.
Werewolf by Night Marvel comics.

‘Werewolf by Night,’ directed by Michael Giacchino, will be released this year. As Moon Knight made his first appearance in a chapter of a Werewolf by Night comic book, fans are eager to see how he fits into the story. Now, if this Halloween Special is supposed to be an intro to the protagonist, then having Moon Knight overpower him would be a mistake. Instead, we believe Marvel Studios will use this chance to foreshadow the character’s presence, creating anticipation for Jack Russell’s arrival and a future confrontation between the two anti-heroes. As a result, we’re anticipating a post-credits sequence and a strong suggestion that once Arthur Harrow is destroyed, Marc plans to become a monster-hunting superhero.

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All in all, they are only our theories. So until the Moon Knight finale premieres on May 4, we’ll simply have to wait and watch.

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