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5 Things we Definitely Want To See In Alice In Borderland Season 2

5 Things we Definitely Want To See In Alice In Borderland Season 2

After an exciting first Season, fans are eagerly waiting for the next one. Considering the banger season one was, the expectations  from Alice in Borderland Season 2 has peaked in all forms. The audience is expecting fleshed-out backstories, well-designed games, Arisu’s revenge, to name a few. Now, how can we not join this party? Here is a list of what all the fans, including us, are expecting from Alice in Borderland Season 2:

1. Arisu and Usagi’s relationship: They had a choppy relationship in the beginning because Arisu refused to accept Usagi’s help. It developed into a strong friendship with a hint of something intimate in the future. Usagi has endangered her life to save Arisu. And Arisu also has done the same for Usagi. Their partnership is the highlight of Alice in Borderland. We hope to see more of them and their budding relationship.

Usagi and Arisu

2. Arisu and the Gamemasters: Arisu makes up his mind to reveal and beat the Gamemaster’s at their own game. Some of his closest friends have died in the competition. And the Gamemasters are the people who are responsible for formulating the competition. So Arisu has resolved to teach the GameMasters a lesson. Alice in Borderland Season 2 may have Arisu planning his moves. The Gamemaster’s have a lot of resources at their disposal. As a result, it may be a while before Arisu beats the Gamemasters at their own game.

Alice In Borderland Season 2

3. The Dealers: In Season 1, Asahi reveals one of the most critical facts about how the games work. She tells everyone that she is a Dealer and obviously shocks everyone. She also explains that Dealers are the ones who set up and run the games. This raises a lot of questions about Dealers and their role in the games. Who chooses the Dealers and how? Also, are the roles of Dealers and Players predetermined? Hopefully, Alice in Borderland Season 2 will give the audience the answers to all these questions.

 Alice in Borderland Season 2

4. Enigmatic Chishiya: The competitors are forced to participate in the games to survive. Consequently, it  is intriguing to learn about the tragic and complicated stories of these unfortunate young competitors. Like Chota’s trauma with the cult, Kuina’s story about her gender identity crisis and acceptance is colorful. Chishiya, in particular, remains a mystery all through Season 1. He is forever creeping in the shadows and planning his means of escape from the deadly game. Because of this his backstory will be interesting to know. It is the only way that the audiences will understand him and his personality and motives.


 5. And Some More Well Designed Games: The games in the series are well designed and unpredictable. Simple Games like Tag and Hide and Seek are twisted into something dark and sinister. Therefore, the audiences are waiting to see the new games which will be introduced in Alice In Borderland Season 2. The games should be interesting to watch if they are anything like the ones in Season 1.

Alice in Borderland Season 2


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