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5 Things We Fans Want To See In PS5’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales & 2 We Don’t

That’s All It Is, Miles. A Leap Of Faith.

Miles Morales is a teenager similar to Peter Parker, who was bitten by a genetically modified spider. Miles is from another Earth. 

He takes the mantle of his hero and inspiration Spider-Man as Spider-Man dies protecting that Earth. 

In the Marvel mythology, this has happened several times in the comic adaptions and movies, where the character gained massive propulsion globally. 

Yes, we are talking about the Golden Globe and Oscar-winning movie, Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse, which had Miles Morales as its main leading character. 

With the success of this character firing in the front line, it was only a matter of time until Miles got his own video-game. 

As the news of PS5 had already been in public, it was clear that there will be some games that will instantly become fan favorite and Spider-Man: Miles Morales is answering that buzz. 

As the excitement of a new Spidey is being portrayed in a game, many things are eager to watch, and a few they don’t want this Spider-Man game to have. So the FandomWire has compiled a list of 5 things fans want to see in PS5’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales & 2 they could do without. 

Sounds interesting… 

Let’s hop into the list of both hopes and hopes not!

1.Want To See: Miles’s Personality:

Peter Parker is the clam, good-willed, waggery, and nerdy alter ego of our friendly neighborhood Spider-Man franchise. 

With his true identity hidden behind his mask, his personality is free to thrive as he manages admiration as Spider-Man. 

As gamers and Spider-Man fans, Miles’s personality is something that we, as players, are definitely looking for in his solo video-game debut. 

Even the tag-line of the game says, “Be Yourself,” it’s crucial that Mile’s unique nature is captured and shown in the game.

2. Want To See: Unique Swinging Style

The Web-Slinger is very well known for its iconic form of acrobatic travel known as the “Web-Swinging.” 

The original Spider-Man, aka Peter Parker, is the master of this web-swinging, performing the fearless activity.

Which is nearly impossible task while swinging from the buildings of New York City using his web-shooters. 

As Miles Morales has his own unique version of Spider-Man, gamers want to see his own signature swinging style that might emulate some of the moves that he had learned from Peter but later on improvised it. 

3. Want To See: Use Of Miles’s Unique Spider Powers:

Though Miles’s Spider-Man has the same superpowers as Peter’s Spidey, he was not at all bitten by the same radioactive spider as Peter.
Mile’s spider, on the other hand, was a bit differently and genetically altered.
Thus, as a result, he was rewarded with two slightly different powers.
But his Spider-sense isn’t that much reliable as of Peter’s.
That’s why fans want the PS5 game to add some new engineering that will allow the player to properly use Mile’s invisibility like conceal and his “Venom Blast” abilities, which will enable him to use paralyzing like shock energy from his hands.

4. Want To See: Blessing From Peter Parker:

It’s next to impossible to tell a great Miles Morales Spider-Man story without recognition of his mentor and idol, the original Spider-Man, aka Peter Parker. 

Gamers are looking forward to seeing how Peter inspires or gives his blessings to Miles on taking up the mantel of Spider-Man. 

Hopefully, in the upcoming PS5, the title will allow the gamers to feel Spider-Man himself passing on the torch to Miles to continue his legacy and reach new heights.

5. Want To See: Well Thought Through Story:

PS4’s Spider-Man really did an excellent job by introducing Miles Morales into Parker’s story-line without making it fell like it has been forced into the plot. 

Correspondingly, it’s crucial that Miles’s debut shouldn’t look like a forced one and must have an excellent plot for the game to perform well on the graphical capabilities of PS5. 

The gamers want to see a plot that is just as well thought through and appealing as Parker’s story-line was. 

6. Don’t Want To See: Boring Villains:

Being among the world’s most famous superhero Spidey has many villains and superhuman tricksters trying to control the NYC, and trying to kill him along with performing some dastardly deeds. 

Miles’s first solo video-game will feel dull if the villains he’s up against will be boring and inclusive. 

This is something that gamers don’t want. 

As per them for a new gameplay experience, Miles’s version of Spider-Man must have a range of different super-powered villains.

7. Don’t Want To See: The Limited Landscape:

Nothing I repeat nothing makes the Spider-Man gaming experience like swinging throughout the NYC city. 

One thing that the gamers don’t want to see in the Miles Morales Spider-Man game is limiting the city to be explored during the free roam features of the game. 

The players want to freely roam around the city as they were doing in the PS4 Spider-Man, game. 

They do not want just to be restricted in only a limited section of the N.Y.C countryside.


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