5 Things We Want in Batman: Arkham Legacy (& 4 Things We Don’t)

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The latest game to be added to the Batman Arkham series of video games is Batman: Arkham Legacy. The revolution that began with Batman: Arkham Asylum must be carried forward with Arkham Legacy. Here are some things we expect the game to possess and some features we want the new game to do away with.


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Want: Better, More Fluid Action


The Batman Arkham series of games are known for the efficient free-flow combat system. The innovation came from Rocksteady. It allowed for a player to effectively control Batman as he fought multiple enemies simultaneously. The series of punches and kicks being dealt to the numerous opponents in one quick motion sounded, looked, and felt great while being executed.  But as of now, many new age games have this feature loaded in. If Batman Arkham Legacy intends to be at the top of the hill, it needs to re-introduce a bigger, better, and meaner free-flow combat mechanism.

Don’t Want: Titan Chemical

The Batman Arkham games introduced as rather peculiar substance with mutagenic properties. The Titan Chemical could give anyone who ingests it the power of a brutish monster. The Joker drank it to gain the ability of a being akin to the Hulk. The Titan Chemical is just a bunch of lazy writing. Batman needs to fight villains as they are. Batman’s Rogues Gallery has enough foes that could fight and even defeat Batman without the use of some strength enhancing drug. The developers really need to know when not to cross a line this time.


Want: More Intense Chases

One of the many reasons for the game becoming a super hit was the intense chase sequences. Batman: Arkham Knight was criticized for its heavy use of the Bat Mobile to do those chase scenes and yet each time a chase sequence happened, we could not help but stay at the edges of our seats while trying to  catch the bad guy in the armored truck or chasing Firefly after the villain burns down a building. The chases could be mare mode intense. The developers could also play around with a stricter time factor added in to create a sense of absolute urgency for the one who is behind the screen.

Don’t Want: Ridiculous Sub-Plots


The last Arkham game gave us many moments to remember it by. But the one thing that we could have done away with was the amazingly stressful side plots. Batman is already flushed with fighting Hugo Strange and his machinations. But situations take such a turn for the worse that the player almost forgot that there was a bigger threat on the horizons whenever a sub plot came into the frame. Take for example Batman’s quest to take down Mister Freeze or Ra’s al Ghul. While they were certainly enjoyable,. They diluted the plot. A linear story line with less branching is the need of the hour.

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Want: Better Predator Sequences


Predator Sequences were an amazing innovation in game play. The success of the feature led to similar traits being inculcated into other similar games. Rocksteady’s Predator Sequences allowed the player to use stealth and the element of surprise to take down the enemy instead of the usual all-out assault route. Those sequences were a massive hit with the players and it showed us stealthy combat, even within the purview of an action adventure genre game, can still be engaging. We want a better predator sequence that is more fluid than the ones we have seen in the Arkham games already.

Don’t Want: Romance

Gamers are loners for a reason. Well at least the hard core ones anyway. Romance is reserved for the novels and the big and small screens. When you get your hands on the console or the keyboard, the human emotion of love and warmth is the last thing you have on your mind. Batman is a damaged individual with a damaged and broken past. He has no time for playing coy with love. The previous Batman Arkham Games introduced characters like Selina Kyle and Talia al Ghul. These characters have little to add to the plot and end up unnecessarily hogging the spotlight. We need Bruce Wayne to be focused. The next Arkham game must do away with this practice because it is counter-productive.


Want: More of the Bat Family in Action

The Bat Family became a part of the Arkham series after Robin was revealed to be a supporting character in Batman: Arkham City. Then slowly, Red Hood and Nightwing became a part of the franchise too. It is good to see the Bat Family expanding. Baman: Arkham Legacy must capitalize on this. The Bat Family is a good way to show us the human side of Batman. Since they are the Dark Knight’s closest confidantes, Batman could open up to them and reveal the many flaws within him. It would make Batman more complete when his fans see that he too falters.

Don’t Want: Riddler’s Riddles


The Riddler acted more like a beacon for the completionist gamers. He would give Batman a riddle and a challenge. The challenge, if completed by the player, would lead to Batman collecting some rare item and collectibles for later use. The Riddler looked good on paper but his challenges, with successive Batman games, only made the waters murkier. We need a singular story line that does not branch out a lot. If you the Riddler Challenges into the fray, it will only destroy the gamers’ concentration on completing the primary story line.

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Want: Batman Playing Detective


Batman is called the World’s Greatest Detective. In the last few games, the Batman has only fought a horde of gigantic monsters. He has been more of a superhero than a detective. We all like playing detective from time to time. Batman: Arkham Legacy could give us the chance to fill the shoes of the World’s Greatest Detective for a change. The Arkham Games do have some ways of making a player do some detective work and solve a mystery that opens up a whole new Pandora’s Box. With a more streamlined story arc and a crisper game play, this feature could be expanded upon in Arkham Legacy.


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