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5 Things We Want To See Included in GTA VI

Rockstar Games’ confirmation of the development of GTA VI has generated immense excitement among fans of the highly acclaimed franchise. While the release of the next installment may still be a while away, it hasn’t stopped us from compiling a wish list of features that we hope to see included in GTA VI. After all, almost a decade has passed since the release of GTA V, leaving ample room for its successor to improve on various aspects of the formula.

A Return to Vice City

Let's hope that GTA VI arrives in better condition than The Definitive Edition did.
Let’s hope that GTA VI arrives in better condition than The Definitive Edition did.

One of the most eagerly anticipated details about GTA VI is its setting. Speculation suggests that the game will take us back to Vice City, Rockstar’s rendition of Miami. Having already revitalized Liberty City and San Andreas, it seems fitting for Vice City to receive the modern-day update treatment. The nostalgic appeal, combined with the potential for a fresh take on the city, makes a return to Vice City an enticing prospect.

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More Accessible Interior Locations

Let me iiiin!
Let me iiiin!

One aspect where GTA V fell short was the limited number of accessible interior locations in the game. GTA VI has the opportunity to rectify this by providing a greater variety of buildings that players can enter. The ability to explore and interact with interior spaces adds depth to any game world, making it feel more immersive and realistic.

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GTA VI Needs To Have A Better Wanted System

Here come the fuzz.
Here come the fuzz.

The wanted system in GTA V often felt unbalanced and frustrating. Hopefully, GTA VI will introduce a more nuanced and realistic approach to their policing. For instance, committing a crime with no witnesses should result in a lower police response, while committing unlawful acts in crowded areas should trigger a swifter and more robust law enforcement presence. Taking inspiration from games like Mafia 3, where police response varies based on the location’s state, would add depth to the wanted system in GTA VI.

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Deeper Side Missions in GTA VI

Red Dead Redemption 2 nailed these sort of missions.
Red Dead Redemption 2 nailed these sort of missions.

While previous GTA games did offer optional activities, GTA VI would benefit from incorporating more fleshed-out side missions. Building on the “Strangers and Freaks” encounters introduced in GTA V, the game could feature non-mandatory missions that are just as engaging and well-crafted as the main storyline missions. The game could even allow players to experience these side quests from  the perspective of different characters, if the game will indeed feature multiple playable protagonists.

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More Extensive Vehicle Customization

Gimme that NOS.
Gimme that NOS.

GTA V provided some customization options for vehicles, but GTA VI could take it to the next level. Instead of superficial modifications, we would love to see the game adopt a system similar to Forza Horizon 5, enabling players to create highly personalized vehicle skins that can be shared online. The ability to design unique decals and show them off to friends and rivals would enhance the sense of individuality and creativity permitted within the game.

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As we eagerly anticipate the release of GTA VI, these are just a few of the features we hope to see implemented. While the wait may feel long, the potential for an extraordinary gaming experience in GTA VI is undeniable. Rockstar Games has consistently pushed boundaries with each installment in the iconic series, and we can only imagine the exciting possibilities that await us in the next chapter of Grand Theft Auto.

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Written by Daniel Boyd

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