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5 Times Batman Wore A Lantern Ring & Activated ‘God Mode’

Batman is the most popular DC superhero to ever exist. And DC experiments a lot with this guy. There were times they made him wear a lantern ring. And every time he wore a lantern ring, Batman did a much better job than the original owners of the power rings.

Forever Evil Shows A Yellow Lantern Batman

Forever Evil

During the Forever Evil arc, the Crime Syndicate of America, an alternate universe evil version of Justice League, invaded the mainstream DC universe. By that time, Batman had managed to salvage a Yellow Lantern ring after the Sinestro Corps was defeated in a previous arc. When the Justice League was defeated, Batman had no choice but to use the Yellow Lantern ring to fight Power Ring, Crime Syndicate’s Green Lantern. The Yellow Lantern ring did not have much charge left in it but it had enough to keep Power Ring at bay. Batman bought enough time for Sinestro to come and dispose of Power Ring.

In Darkest Night – Batman Becomes A Better Green Lantern

In Darkest Night – Elseworlds

This Elseworlds tale deserves to be mentioned because it is one of the best there is. In the original timeline, Abin Sur’s ship crash lands on Earth and the Green Lantern power ring makes its way to Hal Jordan. In this parallel reality, Abin Sur’s ring never reached Jordan. Instead it was Bruce Wayne ho donned the Lantern ring and became the Green Lantern. He used the ring’s power to stop the Joker for good but ended up creating a more menacing Sinestro. Barry Allen, Clark Kent, and Diana Prince became Green Lanterns. Selina Kyle became a Star Sapphire.

The Dawnbreaker Is An Evil Green Lantern Ring Powered Batman

Dark Nights: Metal

The evil Batman known as Dawnbreaker came during the events of Dark Nights: Metal. In that arc, we see that the prime Multiverse lives under the shadow of a larger Dark Multiverse, where many twisted realities exist. One such reality belongs to the Dawnbreaker, an evil Batman who was granted the power of a Green Lantern Power Ring. But instead of using it for good, Batman became more violent and extremist in his ways. In the end, he went past the limitations set within the ring by the Guardians of Oa, becoming a threat to the entire Green Lantern Corps. The Dawnbreaker would not only cleanse Gotham of all crime but also decimate all Green Lanterns.

The Darkseid War Saw Batman Wear The Ring To Relinquish His Godhood

Darkseid War

In the comic book arc Darkseid War, Batman manages to trick Mobius out of his Mobius chair. Now sitting on the flying throne of this New God, Batman becomes the God of knowledge. The ability to get an answer to literally everything ends up becoming too addictive for Batman. He has trouble mustering enough will to get up and become a mortal again. Hal Jordan confronts Batman and manages to slip his own Green Lantern ring into Bruce’s fingers. The green power ring creates a sudden surge in willpower within Bruce and he manages to let go of the Mobius chair.

The Insider Suit Was Literally Powered By The Emotional Spectrum

Insider Suit

After Batman died during Final Crisis, the world moved on without him. Batman being Batman, he found a way to come back to the land of the living. But he needed to see how the other superheroes were doing without him. That’s when he came up with the Insider suit. The suit had various abilities like super speed and heat vision. It also had a very reliable power source. Batman’s stealthy insider suit could harness the green energy of willpower straight out of the universe’s emotional spectrum. The technology was very similar to that of a lantern ring.

Written by Bibhu Prasad Panda

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