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5 Times Tom Hiddleston’s Loki Was Comics Book Accurate

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“You were Made To be Ruled. In The End, You Will Always Kneel.”

Loki is the only villain in the entire Marvel Cinematic Universe that is loved by fans worldwide. The reason behind it is Tom Hiddleston.

He plays the role of Loki The God Of Mischief in the Marvel movies. Fans really find him attractive even though he is a bad guy.

Fans, especially the girls, have a crush on Tom’s Loki up-to-the point when the arc of the character sometimes makes him an anti-hero.

When Loki was killed by Thanos in the infinity war, fans were very disappointed.They wanted to have more of Tom Hiddleston’s Loki, and thus he is getting is own Disney+ show.

For over the years, Loki has been portrayed very unusually, in the comics.
The recognition which the character got due to Tom Hiddleston has wholly changed Loki’s portrayal in the comics.
So we at FandomWire today have gathered a list of where Tom Hiddleston’s Loki was comic book accurate.

1. Turned Thor Into A Frog:

Once Loki played a dirty trick and transformed his brother Thor the God Of Thunder into a frog on Earth in the Central Park.

This four-issue story arc was created by Walt Simonson that had the story in which Thor gets involved in the Central Park War between the frogs and the rats. It was even a surprise for Walt as it was remarkably good.

To perform this trick, Loki used his transmitter to enchant a random woman.
As she kisses Thor, he turns into a frog, making the women lose her memory.
His motive behind it was to keep Thor away from the throne of Asgard for Loki to rule.

thor as a frog

2. Son Of The Frost Giants:

We all know that Loki is not of Asgard. As he was taken by Odin after he was left to die by the Frost Giants. It’s something small that gets little references in the MCU movies.
It’s also a minor character that Thor gets overlooked while embracing Loki as a brother but not by Loki.

In comic books, it is said that Loki was adopted at a young age. While Odin, Frigga, and Thor treated him as a family member, others in Asgard treated Loki very differently, thus leading him to be the God Of Mischief.

baby frost giant loki

3. Masqueraded In Different Guises:

Loki has this famous trick he uses even in the movies, especially in Thor: Ragnarok, which also leads him to be Odin for a while. 

He is good at disguise, and thus fulfills his dream of ruling the throne of Asgard. Even in a scene from Thor: The Dark World when he turns himself as Captain America while walking with Thor, thus making an amusing cameo for Chris Evans. 

Even In the comics, the best use of his power was in Acts of Vengeance storyline. 

He disguised himself as a bizarre man with black hair and a suit, who wants to destroy the Avengers.

acts of vengeance

4. Responsible For Bringing The Avengers Together:

With The First Avengers Film, Loki was its main villain, and we know that he commanded the Chitauri.

Its invasion was not the only reason for The Avengers forming up, but rather, it was the murder of Phil Coulson that was done by Loki. While fans are still unaware of the Avengers learned anything from Coulson’s stimulation, Loki did a lot of things to bring The Avengers together. According to the Comics, the storyline is legendary.

In a game plan against his brother, Thor Loki tricks The Hulk.
He misshapes a radio signal for Hulk to go to Don Blake, and in turn, that adversity is also answered by Iron Man, Ant-Man, and the Wasp.

It was such an iconic moment that it was later implemented in the MCU movies but with a slight change.

avengers capturing loki

5. Loki Uses Sorcery:

It has been seen many times in the MCU that Loki commands powerful magic, that he often uses to create illusions.

He got his training by his foster mother, Frigga, who herself had a powerful Asgardian spell. Initially, in the comics, Loki’s magical abilities were minimized before coming forward.
The anatomy of Asgard was broadened upon him.

loki using magic with thor



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