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5 Underrated Characters From Netflix’s Money Heist

5 Underrated Characters From Netflixs Money Heist

The Money Heist fever is not yet over and fans all over the world are still raving about the series finale. It only goes to show that the characters are well-loved enough for people to feel an attachment to them. No wonder why this series became a global hit phenomenon.

We are familiar with the main characters and we are all obsessed with them but there are also minor characters who deserve the same amount of love. These characters might have limited screen time but without them, the show will not be complete.


Marseille Money Heist

Jakov, or commonly known by his alias Marseille, is one of the members of the heist. He is the guy the Professor calls whenever there are emergencies and they need a helicopter. He is also the guy working outside the heist premise. Without him, there wouldn’t be anyone to run their errands from the outside.

Marseille is a silent worker and usually gets the job done alone. Marseille deserves to get his story out there and have more participation in the heist rather than just running the team’s emergencies.


Matias Money Heist

He is the guy in charge of looking after the hostages. He is very loyal and dependable, and the Professor trusts him enough to ask him to do something dangerous that would put his life in danger. He complied anyway even though it sort of injured him.

Matias does not get much credit for the effort he gives. He needs to have more scenes participating in the fight. Besides, the team has lost many members so they will be needing a new one.


Shakir Money Heist

Whenever the Professor needs some advanced technology assistance, he calls for the guy behind the screen. Shakir mostly works on recording phone calls, detecting signals, and all sorts of stuff made for an IT guy. He only appears on the show from time to time but without his skills, the heist would not be possible.

Angel Rubio

Angel Rubio Money Heist

Angel works on the side of the police and he was Lisbon’s former colleague and friend. Despite Lisbon’s choice to join the heist, Angel remains a good and loyal friend to her. He always cares for Lisbon and he even put his life in danger because of her. Fans can see how much he opposes the strategies of the police now that a different inspector runs the investigation.


Helsinki Money Heist

He is part of the main characters crew in the show but Helsinki seems to be left behind most of the time. He always serves as the strong guy who does the heavy work and does not get enough appreciation for it. He only had his story explored once with little screen time. He was not able to show more of what and who he is.

Helsinki has put himself in danger many times and he deserves to get enough recognition from the show. Hopefully, in the second volume, he gets the credit he deserves.

Money Heist premiered on the 3rd of September and is currently streaming on Netflix.

Written by Ariane Cruz

Content writer at FandomWire.