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5 Unpopular Reddit Opinions About Hermione Granger

Hermione Granger is one of the main characters in the Harry Potter series, and she completes The Trio gang with Harry Potter and Ron Weasley. She is famously known as the extremely intelligent and overachiever Hogwarts student who would compete with everyone. For years, she has become a role model to the youth, and many young girls look up to her.

She may appear as a perfect character, but in reality, she is flawed just like everyone. Redditors share their opinions about Hermione Granger and what they think about her character. Note that most of the views presented here are based on her character in the books, and not solely on the movies.

She Is Too Bossy Around Harry And Ron

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Reddit user SeaworthinessKey5367 thinks that Hermione’s “bossiness and the way she mothers Harry and Ron doesn’t belong in the role of a friend. It just makes her come off as controlling, intolerant, and lacking faith and respect in them.”

Now, this is a very controversial claim. Harry and Ron sometimes dive into action without thinking about the consequences, and Hermione is just being thoughtful. Perhaps people view it as such because of how she speaks to them. Nonetheless, she has saved their lives many times because of her cautiousness.

She Is Very Stereotypical

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For cloud_empress from Reddit, Hermione is written as a stereotypical top student. She feels awkward in public, and likes planners and organizers. In addition, the fan also said, “Her whole character centered around her being a teacher’s pet.”

While it is true that Hermione is viewed as the go-getter student, she also has other flaws and weaknesses. She may not show it more often for fear of making mistakes, which is very common among people like her. Other than that, she is definitely far from being perfect.

She Has No Hobbies

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Another point given by cloud_empress, Hermione seems to have no life outside school. “Beyond learning, she doesn’t even seem to have hobbies,” says the Reddit user. This means that fans didn’t know anything about Hermione aside from her affairs inside Hogwarts.

Most fans would not pay attention to this because they know that Hermione is very much focused on her learning at Hogwarts. But if you are a curious fan, you might be interested to know more about her private life.

She Is Arrogant

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A deleted Reddit user said that Hermione has a habit of engaging herself “in things she has nothing to do with.” When people try to say something she does not know, she dismisses them, and she thinks that everything she does is right.

Well, a lot of fans would agree that Hermione has a know-it-all attitude, and most of the time, she is always right. She indeed started off like that but, as the story progresses, fans would see the changes in her character.

She Has No Character Development

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DarkLordRowan of Reddit said that Hermione’s “character from the beginning of the series is almost identical to her character at the end of the series.” This basically means she has no development at all.

Most fans would disagree because, over the years, Hermione has changed in a lot of ways. The challenges she faced and conquered have definitely made an impact on her personality.

Written by Ariane Cruz

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