5 Video Games that’d Make Fantastic Live Action Properties

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Hollywood has long had its problems in adapting video games for the big screen – we’re looking at you Resident Evil – but with the recent success of Super Mario, we thought it was a good time to look at five other video games that not only would make fantastic adaptations, but that really should have already happened!


God of War

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Again, this is a bit of a cheating entry with the already confirmed Amazon Prime series due to hit screens… sometime soon. However, that’s as a series, and we’re looking at films.  It can’t be argued just how well the universe and lore of God of War translates to a television show or film, with the in-depth story told over countless games, there’s plenty for the studio to pick from, and with the two most recent games being incredibly cinematic, half the work is already done for them.


A story about love, revenge, betrayal and more has all the hallmarks of a great and epic film, throw in some R-Rated gore and fantastical monsters and you’re on to a winner. All that said, who plays Kratos? Fans and the man alike have been petitioning for Christopher Judge to reprise his role in the live action series, and he certainly has the look for it, but nothing has been announced regarding this yet. Dream casting would be Judge. Below that? Chris Pratt. Just kidding.

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Gears of War

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A long-requested and constantly rumoured project, both on big and small screen, the Gears of War franchise seems another obvious video game that is tailor made for a live action property. Over the years it has been teased but we’ve had nothing concrete, and again most recently it seemed as if the project was getting on its feet, but alas, we still have nothing.

With the likes of Dave Bautista having petitioned for the role for years, and for good reason, have you seen the man, it’d be silly not to take Marcus Fenix and the rest of Delta Squad and throw them on the big screen with an 18 rating and an action orientated director – Chad Stahelski or Sam Hargreaves perhaps – and see what happens. The war against the locust is never over!


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Hollywood, would you kindly pull your fingers out and get to adapting the Bioshock story into what could easily become the best video game movie with the biggest video game twist of all time? Please?

What exactly about an underwater society that ended in ruin after drugs and crime entered the supposed utopian society isn’t going to work as a movie? Inspired by Ayn Rand with commentary on morality, capitalism, free will or lack thereof and the sacrifice of the few for the betterment of many, why is this not already a thing? Thankfully, Netflix has purchased the rights and have confirmed that a Bioshock film is on the way!

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Splinter Cell

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Ubisoft have tried in the past to adapt their biggest video games series into feature films with Assassin’s Creed starring Michael Fassbender. The less said about that though, the better. Who makes a video game film and completely ignores the fundamental aspects of it?! Anyway, back on track. Splinter Cell is so clearly made for film it’s ridiculous to think we don’t already have a film or even a TV series based on it yet.

With the likes of Jack Ryan, Reacher, 24 and more, the market is clearly there for an espionage thriller with action and betrayal. Back in 2017 Tom Hardy was attached to feature as Sam Fisher, although six years on that’s looking less and less likely, and unfortunately the voice of the lead character Michael Ironside is a few years older than preferred to take the part, so who would you have as the grizzled, dangerous spy?


Metal Gear Solid

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You can’t have a list of video games that need to be adapted without including Hideo Kojima’s masterpiece Metal Gear Solid. Another franchise with a long history of being teased to being adapted without ever actually getting anywhere, Metal Gear Solid is another clear and obvious choice to be made into film. With some cutscenes totalling 71 minutes in length, the games have always been more playable movies, which is clearly a positive for any adaptation.

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in a perfect world we’d expect David Hayter to reprise the role, but if he didn’t want to take on Snake or one of his clones in the feature film, we’d take Oscar Isaac. Either way, if Hideo Kojima isn’t involved, fans won’t be expecting much, so whilst the relationship between Kojima and Konami is as bad as it currently is, we’d rather not have the film just yet.

There’s our five video games we want adapted. What do you want to see taken from console to big screen? Let us know in the comments!

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