5 Ways DC Can Revive Its Film Universe


The National Comics, now known as DC beats Marvel everywhere except in the Cinematic World. Most people knows that MCU is way better than the DCEU. Infact the DCEU almost died after Batman vs. Superman was slammed by over 50% of the critics and the audience. Thanks to Patty Jenkins’ Wonder Woman for keeping it alive. But there is no stopping the MCU. Marvel Studios is blessed by a superb team. Even their gambles work out. James Gunn gambled with Guardians of the Galaxy, and it went on to become one of the best MCU movies at that time.

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So, the question which is on every DC fan’s mind is whether the DCEU will revive itself and beat the MCU? And that fear has strengthened after Henry Cavill and Ben Affleck have been rumored to leave the DCEU for good. But we still think that the revival is possible and this is how.


1. A Fresh Timeline

We have the origin story of Diana (Wonder Woman) and we are getting the origin story of Arthur (Aquaman) and Billy Batson (Shazam) . We have a fresh new Ezra Miller as Flash, and two openings for Batman and Superman. This is the perfect opportunity for DC to bring in two fresh faces and work on a proper solo movie for Batman, Superman and Flash in the same timeline as Wonder Woman and Aquaman. This will give DCEU the chance to properly develop the characters of their superheroes. Just like the MCU did with its characters.


2. Connecting The Solo Storylines

The individual movies of the DC superhero should have some sort of connection with each other. Any sort of connection would give the audience the idea that all the movies are based in the same timeline and it is possible for the super-heroes to come together for a Justice League film. The DCEU tried to do this in Batman vs Superman, but failed miserably. The probable reason was the hassle in character development. It took Marvel five movies to bring together The Avengers, and DCEU tried to do it in one. If DCEU would start working on solo movies, just like the MCU, and pointing out just a teeny tiny connection between them, it could easily revive itself.


3. Bring in Darkseid

Its hard to digest for the fans that the biggest DCEU villain Darksied is yet to make an appearance. Steppenwolf and Doomsday gave us a hint that the ruler of Apokolips might be on the way, but fans are still desperate for a glimpse. Darksied is the only villain capable enough to beat Superman. And the horror he will bring on the big screen is unimaginable.


4. Include Zack Snyder’s Watchmen in The DCEU.

Snyder took on one of the biggest gambles of his career by directing Watchmen. Watchmen are like the least popular superheroes of DC’s comic-verse, just like the Guardians of the Galaxy of Marvel. But the gamble paid off and it paid off good. Watchmen is one of the most loved movie, despite being 3 hours long. Inclusion of the movie in the DCEU will bring back the excitement which has been missing from the fans of DC from quite a long time.


5. Work For A Flashpoint

Needless to say but Flashpoint Paradox is one of the biggest blockbuster of DC comics. The intriguing, powerful and out of the box storyline makes it one of the most loved and critically acclaimed projects from DC. Just like Infinity Gauntlet of Marvel. DC should work together to bring a Flashpoint Paradox on the big screen. And for this, they need a strong Flash, Batman and Superman solo movie. If DCEU starts working having a future goal in mind, just like the MCU did with Infinity War, it would definitely put the franchise in a better position.


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Written by Kishan Jhunjhunwala

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