5 Ways Disneyland & DisneyWorld Will Be Difference When Reopened

5 Ways Disneyland DisneyWorld Will Be Difference When Reopened

Disney talks about launching unique schemes to help raise the public’s trust that places like Disneyland and Disney World are safe. Usually, when new security procedures establish, they prevail long as initial worries will subdue. So what kinds of modifications could we see when the parks re-open, Let’s Take A Look:


Disney Entrance security
A floated possibility by Bob Iger, Executive Chairman of Disney.

The screenings at security will not only check your bags but also monitor your temperature to ensure that you do not have a fever. Whether you have something like traditional flu or more serious, undoubtedly, any infection is more prone to develop in a place like a theme park. Ample of questions arise regarding how this would serve on a large scale. Also, keep in mind the fact that in various cases, people still drop a virus without even showing symptoms. It will remain for a long time only to help ensure to guests that Disney can tackle another situation like this one in the future.

Virtual Queues

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Adding more Virtual Queues to Disney Parks? App Update Suggest So.

To deal with the demand of the Rise of the Resistance temptation at Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge, Walt Disney World and Disneyland launched virtual queues. Rather than standing in a queue or even practicing FastPass, you use an app to ensure a place in front. Current updates to Disney apps intimates that specific virtual lines might be looking at expansion. It should be aimed at the significant logistical problems in executing virtual queues across the board. 

Ticket/Annual Pass Reservations and Higher Prices

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There will again be an increase in prices.

Being too popular is one of the prominent challenges that all Disney Parks are facing. The ticket prices increase doesn’t stop anybody from going. While Disney wants lots of people in the parks, the company doesn’t like the parks packed. For health and safety reasons, Disney may necessitate to actively define capacity at the park as it re-opens, keeping it less than full. One method could be by making tickets explicit to certain days. Disneyland lately launched an Annual Passport that demands the guest to book a reservation for several of the possible dates before time. Raising prices is Disney Parks most practiced habit. Though, if we’re progressing to begin to view the parks intentionally holding down capacity for an extended period. Pretty quickly, an additional price increase, perhaps on merchandise, food, or tickets. Or on all of the above to gain the lost revenue from the guests they can’t let in.

Smaller Crowds

magic kingdom main street closure cinderella castle
Phase Reopening Plans Pave Way for Eventual Return of Walt Disney

A silver lining to the distinct things we might notice is the smaller crowd. When Walt Disney World and Disneyland reopen, it would be likely that we might have smaller groups. It’s unquestionably absurd that the parks will be having back their regular group estimates the day they resume. To keep something relating to social-distancing limiting their crowd is possible. Smaller crowds would be a goal of many of these new policies. And who knows, maybe if we do see policies like these being executed, and they end up being received by visitors, then smaller crowds could become usual crowds. It might make booking a Disney vacation a bit more expensive and complicated, but if the outcome is a further comfortable experience, maybe it will be worth it.

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