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5 Ways Peter Quill’s The Better Star-Lord (& 5 Why It’s “What If” T’Challa)

Who thought that Marvel fans will get two Star Lords? In the Sacred Timeline, Peter Quill is the Star-Lord. Whereas the What If…? shows T’Challa as Star-Lord.

But who would be a better Star-Lord, Peter Quill or T’Challa?

Peter Quill: Finest Space Pilot

Star-Lord Milano

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There is no doubt that Peter Quill is the finest space pilot. Escaping Korath and navigate through an asteroid field while fighting Rocket Raccoon certainly needs excellent piloting skill. He is skilled to work around the enemy’s plan and give them a tough fight.

T’Challa: Stealing The Embers of Genesis 

Star-Lord Embers of Genesis







T’Challa executed a heist and stole the Embers of Genesis with a motive to save dying planets. A few specks of Embers can provide major resources to dying planets. Also, he saved several prisoners from the Collector’s captivity.

Peter Quill: Considered Guardians as his Family

Star-Lord and Guardians









Peter Quill has Guardians and Yondu as his only family. He recognized them as his family when found that his father Ego wanted to use him to gain control over the Universe. He was even ready to sacrifice himself for his family.

T’Challa: Saved Nebula

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Marvel’s Nebula was a cold-hearted individual who would have killed anybody in a heartbeat. However, T’Challa saved Nebula by talking down Thanos from his plan to destroy the Universe. Although she still had a difficult relationship with Thanos, she was more sociable and less mechanical.

Peter Quill: Defeats Ronan The Accuser

Star-Lord Ronan







Ronan The Accuser, a Kree Warrior was a threat to the universe with or without infinity stones. Quill eliminated Ronan and prevented any more damage. On the other hand, T’Challa prevented Ronan’s attack on Drax’s family but he never eliminated him.

T’Challa: Talked Down Thanos from his Genocidal Plans

Star-Lord What If Thanos







Thanos is amongst the powerful MCU villains who were impossible to defeat. But T’Challa talked him down from his genocidal plans. He mellowed him down to a point where he was more interested in gardening rather than killing people.

Peter Quill: Eventually Became the Good Guy

star lord guardians of the galaxy







Although Quill started as a thief, he ultimately became a good guy and did the right thing. With the guardians by his side, he prioritized others over his greed. Gamora’s influence made him change his ways.

T’Challa: Popular Yet Humble and Modest

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Even though everybody knew T’Challa, he was always humble and modest. When Korath the Pursuer halted him while taking the orb at Morag, he was gushing like a fanboy. However, T’Challa stayed humble, fought him, and ended up recruiting him.

Peter Quill: Stopped Ego’s Plans







Lastly, when Quill meets his father Ego, he gives up his powers to stop Ego from destroying planets. He becomes human for others to live!

T’Challa: Made Ravagers Behave Like Robin Hood

What If Yondu and Young TChalla






T’Challa and Yondu had great respect for each other. Therefore, when T’Challa said that the orb can be used to save planets, Yondu quickly caved in suppressing his slightest desire to sell the Orb. T’Challa made Ravagers behave like Robin Hood, using stolen things for the better of other people.


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Written by Aditi Thosar