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5 Ways To Improve The DC TV Universe

Although the DC Television Universe is a lot of fun and pretty good for the most part, it could certainly use some improvements to its shows. Here are five things The CW and DC could do to improve next season’s shows!

Embrace Their Styles

Legends of Tomorrow is a great example of this; the writers know not to take the show too seriously and just let loose, and it works for the most part. Supergirl and The Flash suffer from being dark at times, when the shows set themselves up to be light, fun, and fantastical.

Arrow’s style and tone are here and there. If they want the show to be dark and gritty, they should go all the way. If they decided to lean the other way, for a more classic Oliver, then embrace it. Black Lightning is consistently darker in tone and doesn’t stray away; which is one of the reasons why it’s viewed as the best DC show from this past season.

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Make The Main Villains Iconic

Prime examples of iconic villains would be Reverse Flash, Deathstroke, Malcolm Merlyn, etc. Characters like Prometheus, Reign, Dragon, and Savitar, don’t have unique looks and interesting motives. They simply feel like one-off villains.

This past season’s villains were anticlimactic and we hope they put some more creativity into each show’s antagonists.

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Stop “Nerfing” The Powerhouses

Martian Manhunter is a prime example of this. His character from the comics was way more powerful and a main level superhero in his own right. Now, he’s been largely relegated to being Supergirl’s sidekick. They did a fantastic job in “un-nerfing” Barry this season, truly making him the fastest man alive.

Understandably, writers often de-power incredibly powerful characters in order to match their villains’ power level. And although sometimes that works fine, it is honestly just a lazy writing technique. “Nerfing” our heroes most likely will not make our villains more interesting.

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Have More Crossovers

The crossovers are certainly great already, but why not do more? One of the best things about these being TV shows, is the possibilities and feasibility of crossing over characters here and there. It would also be fun to see side characters switching shows once in a while.

Not only does crossing over characters switch things up to make the shows even more interesting, it removes some of the potential plot holes that come with shared universes. Many fans thought it was ridiculous to think that Barry couldn’t run over to Star City, take out the Dragon and all his henchman, and be back to Central City in twenty minutes.

This past season’s Crisis On Earth-X was such an incredible crossover that was to many, in the same conversation as the 2012 Marvel film, The Avengers. Why not do more of what works?

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Break The Mold

Although this one isn’t a major problem, these CW series often retread plot points and story patterns. Besides this season, The Flash would keep the villains’ identifies underwraps, only to be revealed as someone close to Team Flash. While the Thinker wasn’t that great of a villain, at least we didn’t have to go through that again.

Switching up the overall basic story pattern for most of the season, would probably bring new life into these shows. It is exciting to see Arrow will most likely be doing just that in the upcoming season seven.

More importantly, what are your thoughts? Do you have any improvement suggestions of your own? Let us know in the comments section below!

Special thanks to J.T. Millstead for contributing ideas to this editorial. Be sure to check him out on Instagram @millsteadart!

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