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5 Weird Physiology Facts About Thanos’ Body

If you are a fan of gigantic and Cthulu-esque monstrosities, you might find Thanos a little boring and run-of-the-mill supervillain. However, there are several other qualities that make him one of the major and prominent supervillains across the Universe. Sure, the snap wouldn’t have been possible without the Infinity Gauntlet. But that’s not the only feat achieved by him. Simultaneously, he has perfected time travel, outsmarted Asgardian deities, bested Hulk in combat, and mastered the supernatural on-screen and in the comics.

Here are 5 weird facts about Thanos’ body that make him a cunning and smart supervillain.

Super speed helped Thanos beat Silver Surfer







Beating Hulk and dodging his punches will need super speed and reflexes. And if you have always seen him on-screen, you will not think much about his superspeed. However, in comics, he has defeated Silver Surfer, the one who travels faster than light.

And he did that while collecting Infinity Stones! During this fight, Silver Surfer had added advantage of access to Power Cosmic given by ‘Devourer of the Worlds’. Thanos still defeated Silver Surfer.

Super muscles helped Thanos beat Hulk







At nearly 1000 pounds of lean muscle and 6.5 ft tall, he is certainly intimidating. And that would explain his super muscular strength to defeat The Incredible Hulk. Now, fans might argue that Hulk wasn’t angry enough to gain strength comparable to fight him. But c’mon! Hulk can’t get angrier when being unconscious.

This made it easier for Thanos to handle and defeat Hulk in just a few punches.

Thanos has avoided death in more than one way

Thanos and Death






Thanos has benefitted due to two strong reasons and defied death in more than one way. Firstly, he has the Deviant gene that gives him purple skin and super strength. Secondly, he has an Eternals background giving him the boon to be immortal.

Moreover, Death (his lover) has rejected him with disdain, banishing him from entering her realm.

Thanos has the Deviant Gene









Thanos is an Eternal. But he also has the Deviant Gene. Eternals are the aesthetically pleasing offshoot humanoids created by Celestials. Whereas the Deviants are the hideous counterparts of the Eternals with the Deviant gene.

Thanos’ monstrous appearance is due to the Deviant Gene and the Deviant Syndrome. Although it sounds sad and unfortunate, this drove his mother to kill him at birth. But he pays her in kind at the end.

Thanos can outsmart most in the MCU







While growing up, Thanos had a petite body yet intelligent brain. He has no rival in almost any field across the Universe. As a child, he develops the Space Throne. This throne is capable of inter-dimensional travel and teleportation.

He outsmarted mischievous Loki by predicting his moves. He also defeated Dr. Bruce Banner and Tony Stark with his intelligence. He also has telepathic and telekinetic qualities.

You might think he won in the Infinity War due to Infinity Gauntlet. But his alien physiology can be credited too.

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Written by Aditi Thosar