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5 Worst Comic Book Movies That Nearly Ended Actor’s Career: George Clooney’s Batman Movie is Not the Most Disappointing One

George Clooney’s Batman Movie is Not the Most Disappointing One

Comic book movies have been around for ages, though they finally received international recognition during the late 2000s when summer blockbusters like Marvel Studios’ Iron Man and Warner Bros’ The Dark Knight hit the theaters and emerged as box office hits.

With so many superhero films that came out in the previous years, there were quite a bunch that left a disappointing impression on the audiences. From badly-written scripts and undeveloped characters to poorly executed visual effects, these movies received merciless scores on Rotten Tomatoes.

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5. Batman & Robin (1997)

Batman & Robin comic book movie
George Clooney and Chris O’Donnell in Batman & Robin (1997)

With a depressing rating of 12%, George Clooney’s version of Batman is widely considered by many as the most unredeemable. Even the actor believes he did a horrible performance and actually apologized for it. His costume was also heavily criticized for its too-defined bum and prominent nipples.

Joel Schumacher’s direction of the comic book movie, as well as Akiva Goldsman’s script, was slammed by critics for its too-bright set-up, contradicting Batman’s iconic dark and brooding personality.

Batman & Robin is available on HBO Max, Apple TV, and Prime Video.

4. Elektra (2005)

Elektra comic book movie
Jennifer Garner in Elektra (2005)

Earning a measly 11% rating proves how poorly received Jennifer Garner’s take on the Marvel character was by the viewers. Ben Affleck’s version of Daredevil pales in comparison to Charlie Cox’s highly acclaimed portrayal of the Man Without Fear, yet it made enough money to produce a spin-off that no one asked for.

Garner also reportedly told a journalist how terrible this comic book movie was and she only accepted the job due to contractual obligations. She clearly risked her career for this film.

Elektra is available on Vudu and Prime Video.

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3. Fantastic Four (2015)

Fantastic Four 2015
Miles Teller, Kate Mara, Jamie Bell and Michael B. Jordan in Fantastic Four (2015)

From clashing ideas between the writer and director to the boring execution of fight scenes, there is no wonder why Fantastic Four only received a 9% rating. The studio ordered several reshoots without Josh Trank’s supervision, leaving the director hating the final cut.

Actor Toby Kebbell, who played Victor von Doom defended Trank and said that the “people in charge” were the culprit behind the film’s failure. This comic book movie ended up looking rushed and unfinished at the same time, so there is no surprise why it tanked big-time.

Fantastic Four is available on Disney+ and Apple TV.

2. Catwoman (2004)

Halle Berry in Catwoman (2004)

Catwoman is one of the most popular answers when people ask about terrible comic book movies, thus incurring an unhappy 9% score. Even Halle Berry won a Razzie Award for Worst Actress, and here’s why the film flopped so badly: nothing resembles the source material.

John Rogers, one of the writers, revealed that the script has been through several hands for years, and when he tried to add his input, which he knew would delight fans, the studio refused his suggestions and proceeded with their own take on the character.

Catwoman is available on HBO Max, Apple TV, and Prime Video.

1. Max Steel (2016)

Max Steel
Ben Winchell in Max Steel (2016)

How appalling could a comic book movie be with a 0% rating? Ben Winchell’s Max Steel is infamously known for being the worst superhero movie of all time. Most reviews agree how disastrous the film was, with its poor cinematography as well as character development.

Max Steel’s lackluster storyline and misplaced humor ruined the important aspects of the plot. If there’s anything more devastating, it’s wasting supporting actors Maria Bello and Andy Garcia’s talents.

Max Steel is available on Netflix and Prime Video.

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Written by Ariane Cruz

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