6 ft 4 in Giant Dwayne Johnson Reveals Secret Workout That Gave Him Shoulders of a Greek Titan: “Burn baby burn”

6 ft 4 in Giant Dwayne Johnson Reveals Secret Workout That Gave Him Shoulders of a Greek Titan: "Burn baby burn"

Dwayne Johnson is no less than the self-proclaimed Greek demigod when it comes to conviction. The Hercules actor’s perfect body of the Greek demigod is an inspiration for his fans across the globe. Johnson, on the other hand, is kind enough to often share his extremely challenging workouts with his fans.

Dwayne Johnson shared his shoulder workout
Dwayne Johnson shared his secret, Running the Rack shoulder workout

Recently, the Jumanji actor, who believes pain is a rush for success, shared his secret workout on Instagram that gave him the shoulders of a Greek Titan. The video is an unedited, uncut version of his shoulder finisher. The secret workout is an absolute shocker for one’s muscle progress.

Dwayne Johnson’s Running The Rack Workout Is Here To Move The Spirit

Dwayne Johnson recently shared his secret shoulder workout with his 381 million Instagram fans. This unedited, uncut full-length version of his shoulder finisher is the reason behind the actor’s shoulders of a Greek Titan. Johnson captioned the video: “Burn baby burn,” revealing:

“Here’s full-length version (no edits, no cuts) of my shoulder finisher – “running the rack” starting with the 50lb dumbbells.

0 reps with the 50s
8 reps with the 45s
8 reps with the 40s
8 reps with the 35s
8 reps with the 30s

proceed to go all the way down.”

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Fandomwire Video
Dwyane Johnson
Dwyane Johnson

The Rock can be seen pumping the “entire dumbbell rack”, and expressed how those 5-10lb dumbbells start feeling heavy when you hit the lowest weight. He further explained that his secret shoulder workout is an “absolute beast MF of a finisher” with “great volume and time under stress – and a phenomenal shocker”.

The WWE alumni shared that the workout is the perfect solution for one’s “muscles & system for progress, gains, and stamina.” Called Running the Rack, this “a*s kicking” shoulder workout surely moves the spirit, and the comment section says it all!

Internet personality, Seneda Greca wrote, “Putting in that work 👏👏.” One fan wrote, “Shoulder flies with 50lbs is CRAZY.” One fan chimed, “I’d have to start with the 20s, then 10s, the 5s, then nothing, then -5s.” Most continued to share glorious The Rock memes from his wrestling career.

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The Rock’s Pain Is His Rush For Victory

The 6ft 4-inch giant, The Rock’s never-give-up attitude continues to stun even the most prominent personalities in Hollywood. For a movie like Hercules, the actor’s experience of forging that perfect body of the Greek demigod is nothing less than inspiring.

From undergoing a triple-hernia operation weeks before the shooting for Brett Ratner’s movie to costing the team millions due to the delay, Johnson came out as the real-life Hercules as he rehabilitated himself probably five times faster than anyone else would have.

After undergoing an unimaginable regime whilst his recovery, the $244 million blockbuster also became famous for an inside joke, “Hercules has a very strong pelvis,” a reference to his pelvic injury sustained during a match against John Cena.

Dwayne Johnson as Hercules
Dwayne Johnson as Hercules

Johnson admitted to feeling more balanced after his insane recovery. He said in a previous interview:

“By the time I got on set, my body bounced back very quickly. By the time we started shooting, I had reached a physical peak that I was very happy with. I actually came into Hercules a bit bigger, fuller, and more vascular.”

The actor admitted that it was one of those injuries that had to happen, and he was glad it did. Dwayne Johnson appreciated it because it forced him to slow down, and he got his adrenals back working and became more balanced in life.

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Hercules (2014) is streaming on Amazon Prime Video.

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