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6 Marvel Characters Kaley Cuoco Would Be Perfect For.

The year was 2019, when the final call for the long going famous TV series The Big Bang Theory had its final ending. And famous series star Kaley Cuoco made a debuted as voicing Harley Quinn in her new DC Animated series under the Title of Harley Quinn. It wasn’t that tough for Kaley to voice Harley Quinn because she had been surrounded by comic book fans for almost twelve seasons, which proved to be very helpful for Kaley to voice Harley. So why haven’t Marvel yet casted Kaley Cuoco for any of its movie? We all have seen the scene in The Big Bang Theory where Kaley dressed up as Wonder Women for a Halloween Party and it seemed like she would perfectly fit the role of Diana Princess. Imagine if she can perfectly voice Harley Quinn and look perfect for Wonder Women, she can also look good in these 6 marvel characters. Sound cool scroll down to have a look.

1. Namora:

2. Black Cat:

3. Phyla-vell:

4. Blonde Phantom:

5. Enchantress:

6. Mystique:




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