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6 Marvel Characters That Are Likely To Ruin The MCU

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The MCU is a delicately crafted cinematic universe in which every decision made plays some role or the other in building up the story.

Throughout the history of the Marvel universe, many characters have come and gone, but their legacy on the MCU is undeniable. So far there hasn’t been a single character who has undermined the quality of this well-oiled machine, but this could very well change one day. As MCU is getting ready for the next phase of storytelling, Marvel has to realize the consequences of choosing a character that would not fit well with its ecosystem and cause it to come crashing down just because of a bad decision.


To be really honest there are some characters in the Marvel comics that won’t work in the MCU movies, and we think that the cinematic universe would be better off without them. Here’s six of them:

#6 Franklin Richards:

After Mister Fantastic and The Invisible Woman got married, they were blessed with a boy named Franklin Richards.

Franklin is considered to be one of the strongest characters in the marvel comics.

His powers are equal to the Celestials; on paper, Franklin might sound like a cool superhero, he even managed to resurrect Galactus from the dead and made him, his herald!

But seeing how MCU had to work out a way to nerf Captain Marvel in Avengers Endgame, just because she was too powerful and would’ve made things too easy for The Avengers with his reality-bending powers and limitless abilities.


#5 The Punisher:

While some characters like the Deadpool, who is violent, abusive, and whatnot,  can still probably do pretty good in The MCU and although we really love John Bernthal’s portrayal of  The Punisher, having him in the MCU at this moment in time would not be a wise decision.

It goes against the studio’s squeaky clean image to have a character like Frank Castle alongside the Avengers as he infamous for is criminal behaviors and murderous tendencies.

The best thing Marvel can do right now is to let Jon Bernthal play the character on the small screen keeping him grounded and separate from the rest of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.


#4 Jean Grey:

Marvel, under the direction of Fox Studios, has tried twice to adapt Phoenix saga on the big screen and after two failed attempts it is finally time for them to raise the white flag and admit that The Dark Phoenix Saga is one of those story arc that no film can do complete justice to, and therefore it is time for them to find other arcs from the X-Men universe to take a shot at.

And unfortunately, that means the new rendition of the team would have to shift its focus from the character of Jean Grey, but we don’t think that would be a bad thing. There are other Mutants who are far more interesting than Jean Grey, who Marvel can follow along with, rather banging their head against the same wall, again and again, cause it ain’t gonna crack.


#3 Onslaught

Onslaught was created when the collective consciousness of Charles Xavier and Magneto merged and gave birth to a single being, he is considered to one of the most powerful villains in marvel comics. Onslaught is one of those characters who looks super cool on paper but will he be a more viable villain to see in the MCU?

Personally, we don’t see him being a character that would translate well on the big screen at this stage, it will most probably confuse the heck out of audience seeing two characters getting merged like that and to be honest, it also sounds a little bit corny.


#2 M.O.D.O.K. :

Marvel has announced an animated series revolving around M.O.D.O.K. which is great news. M.O.D.O.K. is an iconic Marvel villain and there is absolutely no doubt that he should continue to exist and get his stories told within the Marvel Universe. All that being said, we couldn’t think of a worse villain to be introduced in the MCU, just because the idea of the character appearing in live-action blockbusters is plain ridiculous.

No matter how amazing the CGI effects have become now they can never make a giant floating head with small arms and legs look convincing. Just the attempt of having him on screen might age very quickly and the amount of screen time a villain like M.O.D.O.K. would command will make any movie he might appear in pretty painful to see. Trust us! we love M.O.D.O.K. as much as you do but there are some villains that just can’t appear on the big screen despite their popularity.


#1 Sentry:

If you agree with us on Franklin Richards, then you have to accept that Sentry is just too OP for the MCU. Although, just like other characters on this list, he might sound very good on paper and has had a pretty solid run in the comics but with his tremendous powers it would be really difficult to write him into a movie.

Sentry might be famous for being a rip off of Superman but he is actually worse. As powerful as the Sentry is, he is a mentally fragile character and because of his mental disability, he has an ultra-powerful alter ego, The Void, who is a personification of his mental instability.

Sentry has to keep his god-like powers in check to keep the void trapped inside his head as it can cause unthinkable mayhem if it ever gets free. The Void is so powerful that it once killed Ares, the Greek God of War! by ripping him in half.




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