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6 Most Disputed Movies Of All Time.

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There have always been a thin line between art and vulgarity and many a times movie-makers have pushed the boundaries of this line. Though some of them are able to pull of their movies from being obscene but not many as some of these producers have been caught up as their movie fails to cross the line and fans catch it. The movies that are on this list are known globally but for several wrong reasons. We know that there have been a lot of movies that have been controversial at times, but when it comes to the movies generating controversies, these movies are hard to beat. So let’s buckle-up to have a look at these 10 movies.

1 The Interview

The Movie star’s James Franco and Seth Rogen together and is a comedy movie about Kim Jon-Un which made him angry as he was not at all happy about it and, North Korea straight out terrorized Us creating a tension between the two country and thus making it a controversial movie.

The Interview

2 Last Tango in Paris

This movie made to the controversies due to the infamous rape scene of Maria Schneider as the director reviled later that the scene didn’t had Maria’s concern.

Last Tango in Paris

3. The Exorcist

This movie gained it controversies even before getting released as it was believed that the movie was cursed due to several deaths of cast members during and after the movie. On several occasions professional Medical help was called as people fainted while watching the film.

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4. The Last Temptation of Christ

Any movie that has Jesus Christ in it becomes an epicenter of controversy but this movie took it to another level. As the plot of this movie was that Jesus Christ was persuade by the normal life, so he came down the cross and and made love with Mary. This hurt the sentiments of many people.

The Last Temptation of Christ

5. A Clockwork Orange

Though now this movie is referred to as a classic cult by cinephiles. But back in the year 1971 this movie had a lot of controversies in hand as it promoted glorifying violence and aggression, and was claimed to be a harm for the society.

I Spit on your grave

6. Cannibal Holocaust

Ruggero Deodato’s the directer of this movie got arrested for murder as the movie featured many intense scenes which also involved cannibalism thought the scenes were made for reel but they looked so real that Ruggero was taken in custody. Though he got bailed when it was proven that the actor was still alive. But still this movie has been banned in several countries due to the large amout of animal killing it had.

cannibal holocaust


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