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“6 of us went to the opera. 1 of us fell asleep”: Hugh Jackman Roasts Deadpool 3 Co-Star Ryan Reynolds for Not Being a Man of Culture

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The friendship between Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds has always kept fans entertained over the years. Even though both share a deep respect for each other, the Marvel actors haven’t shied away to take friendly digs at each other.

As the duo is ready to appear in the much-awaited Deadpool 3, fans are excited to see their natural chemistry and bromance being conveyed on the big screen. On their recent tale of trolling each other, Hugh Jackman once again roasts Ryan Reynolds for his drowsiness.

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Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds
Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds

Hugh Jackman roasts Ryan Reynolds with a cryptic message

Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynold’s bromance has always kept the internet entertained through their constant friendly jabs at each other. In the recent chapter on their fiery relationship, the Deadpool actor once again got trolled by Hugh Jackman.

Recently, Hugh Jackman made a cryptic tweet about their time in a Deutsche Oper Berlin in 2017 and revealed that among the six people who visited the show with him, one fell asleep and stated, “You know who you are.” After the tweet, fans were involved in the guessing game and some of them even accused Hugh Jackman of being the sleepy head. But under his tweet, his buddy Ryan Reynolds responded with a straight-face emoji, signifying that it was him all along.

After the revelation fans have been giggling over Reynolds’ drowsiness with one saying,He’s just in character for the new Dead Drool movie.”  Although the actors do share a lovable friendship, their harmless pranks and trolls against each other have kept the Internet amused for a long time.

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Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds
Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds

The unique bromance between Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds

Fans are already excited to witness the chemistry between Wolverine and Deadpool on screen in the upcoming movie. And the bromance between the actors has added more fuel to the excitement of the fans, as they can’t wait much longer for the release of the threequel.

The duo shares a unique bromance and although both guys are some of the nicest people in Hollywood, their pranks on each other can be over-par sometimes. Recently, the Wolverine actor shared a sarcastic video of him imploring the Academy to not validate  Ryan Reynolds with an Oscar nomination for the song “Good afternoon” from his film Spirited.

The Logan actor hasn’t been easy on Reynolds with the trolling as once he ironically threatened to take over a football club, just so he could beat  Ryan Reynolds’ Wrexham. But jokes apart, the duo also share a very deep bond, and fans are excited to witness them in Deadpool 3.

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Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds
Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds in X-Men Origins: Wolverine

Even though the actors technically appeared together in X-Men Origins: Wolverine movie, but the Deadpool from that movie was a complete butchering of the character and didn’t have any of the amusing traits that make the 2016 Deadpool lovable. But with Ryan Reynolds and his teams’ complete control over the project, fans are hopeful that the upcoming movie will be a blast.

Deadpool 3 will hit theatres on November 8, 2024.

Source: Hugh Jackman’s Twitter

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